Tips for New College Students

Starting college can be a really hectic time. It is a huge transition, especially if you move away from home. Whether you are starting school in the spring term or entering your final season of high school, these tips can help you prepare for that first semester at college.

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Register Early

It can be overwhelming trying to decide what classes you want to take at college. When you are a freshman, you might have most of your courses picked out for you, depending on the kind of program you are in or what the general education requirements are at your school. However, there are still elective courses you can pick as well as degree-specific courses. Thinking about it before you get to school and making sure to register as early as you can could save you from a big headache later on.

Get To Know Your Campus

Going from a small high school to a bigger college can be a shock. If you show up on the first day without having spent any time on campus, it may be really stressful trying to get around and become acclimated to your new home. Before school starts, take a couple of weekends and visit your new campus. Discover the different ways that educational campus planning has made your school unique. It will help you feel more at home once classes are in session.

Stock Up on Supplies

Be sure to hit up your campus’s bookstore to make sure you have everything you need for the first day of class. A binder to hold papers, syllabuses, and notes is a great asset, as well as the basics like notebooks, pens, and pencils.

Moving to your new school can throw a lot at you all at once. By following these tips, you may find that the transition becomes a bit smoother.

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