Hidden Costs Involved in Pet Ownership

Most people dream of having a pet, but they often get themselves into more than they bargained for. They pick out a cute little animal, buy the dishes and toys, and come home thinking they are all set. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. Food, health care, and the time it costs to care for them are usually a big surprise to new pet owners. This can lead to abandoned animals without a home. Avoid this by familiarizing yourself with all that pet ownership requires before bringing your fur baby home.

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If you are like most new pet owners, you will go to your local retailer and stare at all of the food options available. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that cheapest bag of food will suffice. Chances are, it isn’t healthy. You also need to be prepared in case your pet develops food allergies. If you can’t afford the mid-range or higher foods, you might want to rethink pet ownership.

Health Care

Dogs and cats will require annual trips to the veterinarian’s office for all required shots and a physical. Medication such as flee and tick repellent and heartworm preventive can be costly. They may need their teeth cleaned from time to time as well. Even larger animals have healthcare expenses although things like horse insurance can help.


Above all else, animals require time. You need to be willing to spend the time it takes to feed them and clean up after them, but it doesn’t stop there. Animals need playtime to keep their minds active. Daily walks are a must for healthy joints and a good weight level, and most of all, they need to feel love.

Whether your furry friend showed up on your doorstep or you went out in search of them, keep in mind all that it will require to keep them healthy and happy. Going into pet ownership knowing all of the facts will eliminate getting in over your head with responsibility.

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