3 Signs You’re Stuck In The Wrong Relationship

3 Signs You're Stuck In The Wrong Relationship

Being stuck in the wrong relationship can often be worse than most other problems in the world. Our relationships, including and perhaps most significantly the one with a romantic partner, have the ability to affect and shape us more than anything else. So it is only natural to feel down and out when a relationship you put time and effort into nurturing and building, turns out to be far from what you had imagined. Identifying an issue or a problem in a relationship is not always easy. Looking at a situation that we ourselves are in objectively, requires a lot more than we think. That’s why we’ve listed out a few things that could help you evaluate whether or not your relationship is actually a healthy one.

Here are a signs that suggest you might be stuck in the wrong relationship.

1. You don’t/can’t say what’s on your mind

If you find yourself constantly holding back from saying what you’re really thinking or feeling, you might have a problem. Your relationship and your partner should feel like a safe haven to you – a space where you can, without hesitation, communicate your thoughts and emotions. Whether you find yourself holding back because you feel like you will not be understood, you’re afraid anything you say will turn into an argument or fight, or you think it’ll have no effect at all – it’s something to think about and question. The base for any solid relationship, after all, is an open and effective line of communication.

2. You’re bored

Bored of doing things with your partner, for your partner or even around them. You’d rather do nothing alone than do nothing with them. That’s not a good space to be in. Perhaps it’s time to spice things up or reinvent your relationship together. If you find yourself far too disinterested to try and do even that, perhaps you need to take a break or think about a possible end to the relationship. Life’s too long to be bored forever.

3. You’re constantly questioning yourself

You’ve reached a point where you question everything you say and do. So much so that you’ve probably reached a point where you attribute blame for everything wrong in the relationship to yourself. If the relationship is taking away your peace of mind and making you question your very being, it definitely could be time to call it quits.

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