Best destinations for solo women travellers in 2018

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There are few things as thrilling as travelling solo, especially if you are a woman. It makes you challenge yourself and discover your ability to cope independently, even on unfamiliar terrain. And the best part is, there are lots of places around the world where you can do so safely. Here’s a list of 5 such places:

* Iceland

After all Iceland ranks number one on the Global Peace Index and is considered to be the safest country for female solo travellers to visit. The capital city of Reykjavik has a small population of 1,20,000 people and there is a very low crime rate making it safe to roam around throughout the day and night.

* Thailand

Thailand’s cities, be it Bangkok or Phuket, are the best places to party the night away. You can wander around temples, visit the many malls, and sample street till late at night. Thais are respectful towards women and very helpful.

* Ireland

Ireland is famous for its pub culture and are safe for women at all times of the day. Don’t miss out on trying the Guinness, and a chat with the bartender will reveal that they are very helpful about sharing information with travellers.

* Japan

The Japanese are known to be extremely polite and efficient which makes Japan a great place for solo women travellers. An efficient public transport system means it is also an easy place to navigate for women. An added bonus: there are also women-only carriages on trains during peak hours.

* France

Paris may be the city of lovers, but is also equally rewarding for solo women travellers. They have an efficient public transport system, and tons of places for all kinds of travellers beyond the usual Eiffel Tower. There are also beautiful bed and breakfasts near the city centre which makes it convenient for solo women travellers.

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