A Beginner’s Guide To Picking The Right Lipsticks For Varying Skin Tones

A Beginner's Guide To Picking The Right Lipsticks For Varying Skin Tones

If you love lipsticks then you will know how miraculously it works to add instant glam to one’s look. Even on days when you don’t want to dress up or apply any makeup, just putting on a trendy lipstick can make you look picture perfect. With endless varieties of lip colours available in the stores, it can surely get confusing, making it impossible to figure out what lip shades would work best for you.While you may be tempted to pick certain colours, it may not necessarily make you look great unless it complements your skin tone. In short, it is better to know your skin tone and opt for makeup shades that suit you.

How to pick the right lip colour

Rozar Lobo, makeup artist at The Body Shop India, lists down tips to pick the right lip shade according to your skin tone:

Fair skin tone

To accentuate your skin tone, go for cool colours. Wear lip shades of peaches, nude pinks and mauve. For fair skin, you can go for mattes. For the eyes, you can swap light eyes with bold lips or vice versa depending upon the occasion.

Wheatish skin tone

Go for warmer lip shades, such as red and orange. On this skin tone every colour, from light to dark, suits well. Use a thin layer of BB cream or cushion foundation and play with kohl eyes. Give equal attention to lips and eyes to highlight your features.

Neutral skin tone

Opt for dark pink, violet or browns. Make sure you always pick matte shades that do justice to your face and keep you looking chic all day long.

Dark skin tone

Sheer gloss, maroon or brown lip shades work well for darker skin tone. Team intense smokey eyes with nude lips along with a tinge of sheer gloss to be on point.

Colours that never disappoint

Reena Chhabra, CEO of Nykaa shares foolproof tips to picking the right lip colour:

Nudes: The classic nude shade is for the girl on the move. Basically, a fair skin tone can pull off any kind of lipstick shade, but the best are the nudes. Nudes work well for a chic office look, or a light day makeup. Sometimes a little or no makeup look is more than enough to put the required glam to your face.

Pink: Pink lips have always been a favourite with every girl. The lighter or neon pink shades go best with fairer and medium skin tones. The dark and warmer shades of pink looks best on wheatish complexion. Decide on a lighter shade of pink for an understated look or go for a bright pink shade to make a statement.

Reds: It’s one colour that will never go out of trend. A red lipstick is a staple beauty item in every girl’s purse. The shade works for every skin tone, and when paired with barely-there makeup, speaks volumes for itself.

Corals: Coral lips go well with a little darker or tanned skin. Too dark a shade could be a bit intimidating, but a burnt shade works well for the Indian skin tone. Use the shade to complement any eye look, or pair it with matching blush and shadow for a monochromatic effect.

A lipstick shade can make or break your look, so follow these tips to get it right.

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