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In an increasingly dangerous and violent world, children and young people are exposed to greater risks and dangers. Parents, in turn, feel that their work occupations overwhelm them by spending less time observing how their children are developing and how they are forming their personality, their values, their talents. The problems are presented both in public schools and private some of them have more personal and material resources to implement an orientation and tutoring service, but in others the limitations of these resources are evident.

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The Right Design

The curricular design assigns one hour in the weekly workload for orientation and tutoring. There is no doubt that working on such complex topics that are related to the formation and creation of habits of life and study of the students in a weekly hour is very difficult. For this reason, these broad themes should be worked transversally taking advantage of any activity that in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining allows. The Tutoring Vaughan is there with the fine opportunities for the same now.

In other words, one must fulfill one of the inseparable purposes of every teaching function: to make effective their role as counselor; role that has differences with that of tutor. As a counselor , the teacher must support the construction of the different itineraries of the people and the options they have to take regarding alternative paths. On the other hand, the role of the tutor is more specific: it responds to the need to educate specific, individual, individual people, with unique problems and with different motivations and characteristics one to another. The tutorial supposes an accompaniment to the set of students of a class and at the same time to each of them in particular.

Profile of a tutor

All teachers are by nature counselors, but not all teachers meet the characteristics that lead to the exercise of tutoring. A special profile is required that combines several requirements: among the most important are:

  • Dispose of time to perform its function. The tutoring demands many times more hours than those required by the workday, or meet this in an extra schedule. The professor who assumes the post of tutor must be aware of the responsibility assumed.
  • Acceptance volunteer office. The exercise of the tutor function cannot be imposed. Nobody does things well when forced; he will end up doing it reluctantly, which will be reflected in the impact that the service can have in support of his students.


The task of orientation is strongly associated with the transmission of values, patterns of behavior, respect for others. In order for the tutor to transmit these attitudes, he has to preach with the example.


The tutor must convey confidence; his way of acting should facilitate the establishment of cordial and fluid relations. Therefore, he should not be “the bad guy”, the overly rigorous one and everyone who fears him; but neither that which his character allows students to exceed, even reaching signs of disrespect.

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