iBall Aasaan 4 Feature Phone Launched for the Elderly

iBall Aasaan 4 Feature Phone Launched for the Elderly

Domestic consumer electronics company iBall on Tuesday launched the Aasaan 4 feature phone, which is targeted at senior citizens, for Rs. 3,499 in India.

With a big keypad, enhanced audio, bigger on-screen fonts, emergency alert support and mobile tracking function, the new version of the dual SIM Aasaan 4 phone sports a 2.31-inch display and a Braille keypad. There is also a “talking keypad” that speaks out the digit pressed in English, the company said in a statement.

The phone is powered by a 1,800mAh battery and a 32GB microSD storage support with a capacity to store over 200 text messages and 1,000 contacts independently on the phonebook.

With the emergency calling feature, pressing the SOS button would set off a siren to alert the folks nearby in case of urgency, the company added. There is a mobile tracking feature that alerts a designated contact if a new SIM card is inserted in the phone.

Additionally, the feature phone also supports one touch buttons for phone lock, LED torch and wireless FM and a simple user interface to make operating of phones easier for senior citizens.

The phone is available at retail stores across India in white colour.


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