All Essential Supports for the Proper Parcel Sending Now


If every second person sent letters and parcels to Russia, then the situation with small packages and parcels abroad is a bit more complicated. And it does not matter, you send the goods sold in your shop, or decided to send a present to your friends abroad. In this article, I’ll talk about what you need to know before sending a parcel.

So, to begin with, you can read something here – this is for those who made the first sale. With ParcelABC the entire process will become much easier for you.

Step 1: Find out if there are no bans for sending abroad

Check on the website of Russia’s mail, here on this page, whether there is not in the list of prohibited goods the name that you plan to forward abroad. On the same page you can see the choice and size of the package, as well as the size of the items.

If everything is in order, go to the next stage.

Step 2: Choose the method of sending

You can send items and products by letter, small package and parcel. The choice of the method of shipment depends on the weight of the product, dimensions, strength.

We recommend to weigh the goods supposed to be sent in advance, so that it’s easier to determine the way.


The letter is intended for personal correspondence, forwarding documents, papers, magazines, postcards and other printed products. The maximum weight is 2 kg. The maximum size is A4. If you, for example, designer postcards, brochures, pictures, you can choose this method.


This is a departure, which is larger in size or weight than the letter, but as well as a letter with paper products and printed publications: books, magazines, posters.

The maximum weight of the parcel is 5 kg. The maximum amount of three measurements (length + width + height) is 90 cm. Or the maximum length of the parcel is 60 cm.

Small package

This is a small parcel sent abroad with unbreakable items.

The maximum weight is 2 kg. As for dimensions, the maximum sum of three dimensions (length + width + height) is 90 cm. Or the maximum length of a small package is 60 cm.


If you send goods from Russia, you can see theĀ  mail rates by this link (the item International parcels, shipment by air). Without VAT – payment by stamps, with VAT – in cash.


When sending international parcels, you need to fill out some forms. What forms for what type of departure, see the links for each of the types of items above. If you want to save your time, it is very convenient to fill out these forms of the house and come already prepared for the department. Here you will find examples of filling out the forms and below the forms for downloading.


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