Mobile Phones from China

The technology we have today is far from what we have imagined before. Some may be less developed as compared to what was expected but there is no doubt that if we look back five to ten years from today, a lot has already changed in terms of technology. In terms of laptops, they seem to be getting smaller, thinner and lighter. A lot of laptops today are able to offer a 3D experience which was something that could only be seen in amusement parks but today we can experience it in laptops, gaming consoles, and television. A 17-inch laptop today may even be lighter and thinner as compared to small laptops developed ten years ago. It is also important to note that these advancements in technology have also contributed a lot to our society in a lot of different fields including science, engineering, and medicine.

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One of the fields technology has had a huge impact through the years is communications. In the past, we were stuck with methods of communications such as snail mail and telegraphs and we have seen it improve to having the old telephones, telephones in the car and the huge mobile phones. From then on the mobile phone continued to improve until it had color and the keypad slowly become unnecessary. When we take a look at our mobile phones today they are very different from what we had in the past. Today most mobile phones or smartphones do not even have a keypad and almost every smartphone has at least 2 cameras. Things we only did on our computers before could already be done on our mobile phones in fact almost everything that can be done on a computer could also be done on a mobile phone.

Due to the popularity of mobile phones and its capabilities, a lot of companies have popped up and entered the market. There still a lot of brands that have been dominating the mobile phone market such as Apple and Samsung however in the recent years a lot of competitive brands from China such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo. These brands are well known even outside of China and are competing with brands such as Apple and Samsung. The different flag carrier phones for these different Chinese mobile phone companies have a lot in common in terms of features as compared to the flagship phones from Apple and Samsung. The availability of such technology from these companies show a lot of promise and potential. In terms of innovation in the smartphones, a lot of these companies are able to offer unique features with their different phones.

The smartphone companies in China have a lot of advantage in terms of manufacturing and labor. China is known for its lower cost of labor and a lot of international companies are still having their products manufactured in China. Aside from this, a lot of companies have also invested in China through building their facilities in locations such as Nanjing or previously known as Nanking. Even if these smartphones from China may not be the top selling phone they still have a lot of room for improvement. Quality and reliability may be one of the areas they want to focus. A lot of these products from China also have a lot to go in terms of proving that their products are reliable in order to avoid what most people say that these products easily get broken as compared to products from other companies. It still cannot be ignored that Chinese companies have come a long way in terms of their products. Slowly these products are penetrating the markets with their aggressive advertising and product release.