Immerse Yourself in French Culture by Picking the Right Hotels in Montreal, Canada

Do you want a taste of the unique French Culture in Montreal, Canada? You must then consider hotels in a part of the city which is more language friendly while still providing easy access of the city.

When staying in the tourist area, the downtown core, you can easily survive on English language. However, you must ensure that the French Culture that Montreal is famous for is not left unexplored by you. Areas with a French Flair have a unique charm and exploring these will make you witness the true Montreal like the locals do. Who doesn’t want to skip the touristy side of the city and feel like the city belongs to them perhaps?

One such essentially French area with a whole bunch of awesome bars, cute cafes and nice restaurants is the St. Denis Street. It includes the huge capacity St. Sulpice that is popular for its casual atmosphere on summer nights with youngster hanging out on the huge outdoor terrace. This street also witnesses some of Montreal’s smaller festivals, and hence certain sections of the street close down sometimes during the year. Infact, the best section of the street is in close proximity to Montreal’s main bus terminal making it extremely convenient for visitors.


There is also an area called ‘The Plateau’. This part of the city is popularly the hub for most of Montreal’s French speaking students and it has amazing assortment of quaint cafes, awesome restaurants and a variety of bars. If you’ve been on the lookout for a realistic Montreal experience, this small detour that is slightly off the beaten path is well worth your time.

Next there is Old Montreal or the Old Port, which was originally where the shipping port of Montreal was located. The Old port was what has made Montreal a hub for travel and trade, helped feed its growth in size and population and provided the city the strategic value for warring nations in early history. This area, now, is home to certain beautiful upscale hotels, bars and restaurants. However, this area also has a great mix of establishments made for the more budget conscious that are accessible and easy on the visitor. Also, there is a wonderful boardwalk along the water that offers a huge number of activities and events throughout summer months including the Festival of Lights and Cirque du Soleil.

While finding hotels in areas besides Old Port can be slightly challenging than other parts of Montreal as most parts are not essentially tourist destinations. However, if you find a hotel in this area, you’d be rewarded well by living as a real Montrealer.

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