Technology That Brings Innovation To The Fashion Industry

Digital Printing

Digital printing changes everything about textiles. This innovation in the fashion industry can improve clothing with bolder and edgier prints and designs. Digital printing is applied on fabric directly and there is not fear of loss of colour or fading of the print. In fact, it saves water and energy wastage by over 75 percent. Digital printing is definitely the future of fashion and can improve the artistic styles and cater to buyers more personally.

3D printing

3D printing is the talk of the town now with celebrities and fashionistas bearing 3D prints and accessories like never before. Apart from being popular in haute couture,3D prints can give life to many clothes in your average retail market. It can bring life to conventional outfits and add an edge to fashion. Innovative clothing ideas like the 3D prints make you stand out from the crowd.

3D trial Rooms

Fashion innovative ideas like the 3D trial rooms, which have already been introduced by abof, can really improve the fashion and retail industry. The 3D trial room simply takes in your body measurements and creates an avatar online with the same body type as you. Now you can try on clothes that you like on the avatar to see if it fits well or looks good for your choice. If this technology is implemented by all online fashion stores it will become an instant hit with almost zero return or refund rates.

Recycled materials

Bringing a together fashion and technology by way of converting plastics and paper to textiles to be eco-friendly is the new innovation infashion designing. It promotes a greater cause an, who knows what you can do with recycled fabric!

Technology wearables

Ever thought that you would one day wear a watch that is actually a gadget? Well, technologically manufactured wearables like smartwatches and exercise wrist bands might become the next best thing. With it comes an emergence of tech utility and style.


Another idea to improve fashion is the customization of the clothes by colour, design, print and type. As technology advances, online fashion stores might allow the customers to become fashion designers themselves by fashion designing their clothes with basic fabric and options of print, colour and type to choose from.

Maybe this could be the future of online tailoring and customization.

Besides, the throngs of blogs, vlogs and profiles on social media serve as a huge data base for files of fashion styles and designs curated and compiled by ardent fashion obsessed users.

This could also be the base of options that customers can use for personal customisation of clothes.