The Other Side of Horse Racing: Socialising in Style

Attending any social occasion can be a daunting prospect, for it can open up issues about etiquette, appearance, conversation topics, and so on, yet none so rigidly grip guests than the idea of a day at the races.

Seen as the ‘sport of kings’, it’s unsurprising that such respect and influence presides over this events; it is a classic and noble part of the sporting world that has transcended the decades, becoming an experience the masses can savour. The only issue is, how to get a better understanding of the social side of horse racing.

It is quite easy for us, as observers, to have a punt in the flesh or check odds for the 15:30, for example, but it is another thing entirely to go beyond basic gambling knowledge and delve deeper into its heritage. That isn’t to say that betting with Betway or any other brand isn’t worthwhile, for betting is an intrinsic part of the sport, no, it’s about getting to grips with the various layers of horse racing rather than remaining static.


One of the best ways to overcome this stumbling block is to research about fashion and conduct before you attend. It may sound like homework, but is an invaluable way to ensure you stay out of the newspapers for being one of those guests embarrassing themselves with a social faux pas. Fashion has long since, and forever will be, an interconnected part of the sport, and as such dressing the part goes a long way in maintaining that standard – if the Royal Ascot was to lift its dress code, you would see a steady decline in the renown the venue and event generates.


This is because impeccable fashion has always been a marker of wealth and good taste, a rather crude but effective way of indicating class. While those old notions may not exist these days, the significance of style and what it can mean still stands. For those very reasons, a powerful yet conventional outfit is best suited when watching the racing; being daring is for catwalks and parties, not for high society establishments. You can still maintain your personality and individualism without causing a scene, you just need to ensure you complement your figure, choose sensible yet attractive shoes, and match your skin tone with your complexion. Do all that and you’ll look the part, and appear to have done so effortlessly. And let’s not forget a fascinator or striking hat for good measure.

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