Turmeric health properties


Turmeric has been in use over ages, for many purposes. It is a miracle medicine to heal many diseases from a simple wound to bigger problems like cancer. Not only diseases turmeric is great for skin diseases, scratches on skin and other skin problems. Turmeric is useful in beatification purposes also for regaining beauty after environmental damage or aging.

Other most useful use of this medicine is that turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is great to heal inflammatory diseases, for curing injuries which were hidden inside the body it is consumed with milk. This magical herb was known to the most illiterate people of ancient time and had been used very effectively. It is formed from the roots and stems of underground curcuma longa, a plant related to ginger.

This root had been in research since 1970 especially for the anti cancer and chemo protective effects. One of the substances Curcumin, when applied directly to tumor, has been observed to stop the growth, this way helping so much to cure the terrible disease.

It is thought that this root reduces and sometimes halts the level of two enzymes involved in the inflammatory process of Arthritis pain, this is possible because of the presence of anti-inflammatory properties, It is also believed that it may increase detoxification system in addition to its anti oxidant properties as oxidized cholesterol damages blood vessels and adds plaque which can be a major player to heart attack or stroke.

The anti inflammatory effects of TURMERIC Curcumin are said to reduce the redness and swelling. This may also help as a mild exfoliate while delivering antibacterial properties, to help keep skin clear and supple. If this is applied on skin, it may help prevent the growth of bacteria which causes acne and pimples for proliferating.

Turmeric cucumin is also in used for, for liver ailments i.e jaundice, and hepatitis b and c digestive disorders and skin conditions, like acne. Turmeric curcumin may provide a cheap effective and well tolerated treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

A series of investigation and studies have revealed that the percentage of child hood leukemia in Asia is much lower that western countries which is due to the diet differences, the frequent use of turmeric.

The immune system gets the boost of activity by boosting uop the metabolism and prodiving sudden uplift with a healthy rush of energy. in Alzheimer’s patients. Depression is and anxiety is also treated by this root as it reduces levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor and shrinking hippocampus.


This root may help delay aging and fight age related chronic diseases, as it is known to fight or prevent heart diseases, cancer and Alzheimer’s. This root can reduce the growth of human prostate cancer cells.

Overall turmeric curcumin is a mixture of disease curing medicines contained in a single packaging of 120 capsules in a small bottle with a weight of 500 mg.

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