Will China become a superpower someday?


The Chinese economy has been growing very rapidly in the last two decades and even recently has defeated the United States. Driven by a decline in population due to the one-child policy, and political stability, China has become an economic giant. China’s natural resources are very large and complete, including natural gas, uranium, iron, aluminum, coal, and so forth. Full of natural resources is one of the foundations for the Chinese economy. China is the largest issuer of debt in the world, even the United States owes so much to China.

We know that in the last 20 years, the Chinese military has been growing very rapidly. They have a variety of warships, millions of soldiers, thousands of fighter planes, tens of thousands of military vehicles, and of course nuclear weapons. China is touted as a military power number three in the world after the United States and Russia. Of course, China will continue to be disturbed by some competitors such as India and Japan. India has recently launched a program “Blue Water Navy”, a designation for naval force to roam the oceans far from its base. They (India) are seeking to make a new aircraft carrier, rivaling China which is making a new aircraft carrier as well. To note, the Chinese already have an aircraft carrier named Liaoning.
In recent years, China has made massive expansion abroad; one of the most striking is their expansion on the continent of Africa. They have been involved in various infrastructure development projects in some African countries, such as South Africa, Angola, and Zambia.
China is in the way in which they will continue to evolve into a technology giant. Baidu is a Chinese search engine that is able to compete with Google. Since Google was banned in the country, Baidu is continue surging to the search engine most widely used in the world, associated with more than 500 million Chinese Internet users. China is also known as a home for many gadget manufacturers, one of which is Xiaomi which shook world markets with products that have high specification but sold at cheaper prices. Meizu recently also followed Xiaomi, spreading to other Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia.

China much invested to various countries. Even some European companies have been bought by China. One of them is the famous Swedish car company, Volvo. Volvo has been bought by a Chinese corporation.
The Chinese government is building so many health centers to reach various parts of the country and we have to realize that a superpower should be able to serve its people well, no exception for the health sector.
The combination between Communists and Capitalists
China is a communist country yet but it runs its economic policies based on capitalist principles. This combination provides two advantages; a stable political system and rapid economic progress.
So will China become a superpower in the future? I believe it! In fact I believe that they will achieve in less than 10 years.


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