Best lamb dishes from Africa

The African continent is known in culinary circles for having some of the best meat dishes in the world. The prevalence of meat in the continent makes it a meat lover’s delight. With so many different dishes coming out of the continent, you too can try your hand at cooking some of them. You could also educate yourself on the different dishes that are available in the region, especially with lamb.

Lamb plays a very important role in Africa and is a staple meat dish in many parts. Take a look at some of the best lamb dishes and try cooking them at home also. With Licious, the online meat shop, one will be able to get fresh meat delivered right to their doorstep.


Since Indians love a lot of spice, this is one dish that will go down well if you are organizing and cooking for a party. Shakshouka refers to egg that is poached in a spicy sauce that is made from tomatoes, peppers and cumin. Adding lamb to the recipe makes it even tastier and adds more flavour from the meat and its stock. The dish is famous in North Africa and has many variants that you could experiment with before deciding to settle on one recipe. One thing that is sure though is the compliments that you will receive for trying out something radically different.


Another popular dish from all over Africa, especially in the North is Mechoui, which is a whole lamb or goat grilled with spices and condiments. The dish is mainly made during special occasions and consists of cooking the entire meat on a grill or skewer while constantly adding spice and oils. The dish is popular with those who love barbeque in the region and can be cooked easily at home if one has the right equipment.

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For those who love kebabs and are looking for something different, Sosatie is just the right dish for them. The dish consists of lamb meat on skewers, just like kebabs that are marinated in a paste of onions, garlic and tamarind juice overnight. Then they are cooked on a traditional barbeque and served hot along with mushrooms, sliced peppers as well as other vegetables and sides. The dish is the perfect appetizer if one is looking to cook food for a special occasion and is extremely tasty as well as simple to make.

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