Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine Review

The good: There is a new face of Italian espresso coffee as one of the best featured coffee machines is now available in the market. Gaggia Brera espresso machine offers range of features such as stainless steel panel, better design, and more space compared to other machines in the market. Another amazing feature of this machine is that it is super automatic in terms of technology along with more space, elegant brushed stainless steel and compact design.  With the help of advanced technology, super-automatic espresso machine from Gaggia Brera allows you to choose the best espresso coffee which is competitive in the market compared to other industry heavyweight machines.

The Bad: Since the metal part of the steam wand becomes little coated when it is baked on milk but due to this coating, it becomes a little difficult to clean the machine and requires maintenance. Size of machine and water container seems to be one of the main negatives of this machine but the machine is best suited for those homes where counter space is less. Some people have complained about functioning of the machine and user manual not being descriptive enough but the overall functioning of this product is quite easy.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking to buy a machine at much affordable prices and having a compact design then Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso machine is especially designed for you. The machine just weighs at around 19 pounds of size and quite compact in size compared to other automatic machines in the market. The best thing about this coffee machine is that it has a great design and also functioning of this machine is also quite easy. There is not much operational steps involved in the functioning of this coffee. All you need to do is read the user manual of this machine. it is a low end super automatic machine with added features, durable built, better design and also repairable as well. The product comes under warranty which is available on the official website.

Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine Review

In the various reviews available online on ecommerce websites, Gaggia Brera super-automatic espresso machine is rated quite high in terms of usage and operations. While in some of the reviews, the machine may require a lot of cleaning since the coating of milk becomes hard to clean. One can make settings on the machine to make the coffee according to linking. It requires setting the dial according to liking to the finest grinding required. One of the biggest variables that can be adjusted is size of coffee bean. Size of water container is small and ideal for smaller counter spaces.

Features of Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine

The product has some of the best features mentioned below.

  1. Mavea Water Filter– The machine has one of the best filters to remove any type of impurities in the machine. It can help in reducing scale up built. In this filter, there are four stages involved for impurity removal.
  2. Low power consumption- Another critical feature of this machine is that it doesn’t require high electricity consumption and one can easily save a lot of electricity with this machine compared to other machines in market.
  3. Programmable– There is certain user-friendly features enabled in this machine like it can be programmed to inform users when machine require care or cleaning.
  4. Aroma Extraction and flavor– With the help of pre-infusion feature of this machine, one can get maximum flavor, rich aroma and soothing coffee at home.
  5. Affordable prices– Cost is always an important consideration while buying any machine. Gaggia Brera Super-automatic machine is low cost and quite affordable machine especially for those who are looking to buy quality machine and compact size at affordable prices.

Final Verdict

Gaggia Brera has one of the elegant designs with brushed stainless steel panel in the front. The machine boosts some of the best features in the market for an espresso machine. The taste of the coffee is amazing and also has a variable option to modify the coffee beans brewing. For some people, size of this machine may fool you but this machine is boosted with advanced technology with which it is competitive in terms of features, design, built and prices.

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