Diamondback Fitness 510lc Indoor Cycle Review

The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer is one of those high priced, high-tech spin bike for home that could rival even the top most spin bikes from other leading manufacturers including the best-of-the-best Spinner Fit spin bike series. The Diamondback 510lc was recently awarded with the “Best Buy” award by the Consumer Magazine. The machine is fully equipped with a state of the art computer device which helps to provide you with real time information during your workout session including your workout speed, watts, your heart and pulse rate, distance rode, elapsed time and cadence.

The spin bike is a chain-driven mechanism and also includes a slightly heavy 32-pound flywheel providing you with a stable workout routine. The spin bike also includes 14 different automated workout routines. These are specifically designed to give you the sensation of riding the bike on any terrain. The spin bike is built with quite a heavy sturdy frame and can hold a rider with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The bike is highly durable, innovative and can even withstand the most rigorous workouts by riders.

Functions and functionalities of Diamondback Fitness 510lc Indoor Cycle

The Diamondback 510lc is probably the only spin bike that comes close to challenging the Spinner Fit bikes for the supremacy because of the plethora of useful features it provides. These include:

  • The 510lc is fitted with a backlit display computer monitor. This helps you to maintain and track your workout throughout the session.
  • The spin bike is built to last with a durable, sturdy body and the frame is made out of heavy duty steel.
  • The spin bike includes adjustable padded seats and handlebars.
  • The spin bike comes with 16 different levels of resistance which are computer controlled.
  • The spin bike is chain-driven and is very quiet when compared to other top-level spin bikes available in market.
  • The spin bike also includes a heart rate monitor fitted on the handlebars. This is useful to monitor your pulse and heart rate throughout the session.
  • The flywheel is also carved out of heavy duty steel and can accommodate a person with upto 300-pound weight.
  • The 510lc also includes a preset of 14 different workout buttons including 8 normal preset routines, 4 programs for your heart, and manual and custom user routine list.

Diamondback Fitness 510lc Indoor Cycle Review

The Diamondback 510lc Indoor Spin Bike is probably the best training cycle you can find in the market today bar the Spinner Fit Range of spin bikes. The machine is made out of heavy duty steel and is highly durable providing you with a bike that will last a long time. The spin bike includes button for choosing preset workout routine and allows you to create your own routines also. Also, 16 different resistance levels are sure to give you enough options to plan your workout at the right intensity which you want it to be.

The Good

Well, the whole package is probably the best out there but if we have to choose something out of it, then the state of the art computer console attached to the spin bike is highly attractive. The screen is well lit and comes with a plethora of options for you to choose your workout routine besides displaying all the info you may want about your routine. The heart rate monitor attached to the handlebar is also one of the most accurate one attached to spin bikes. Also the 4 programs to monitor your heart rate is an added bonus which has blown us away.

The Bad

There isn’t much to say about in this space but probably some people will find the spin bike a little too heavy at 125 pounds when fully assembled. If look at the other side of the coin then the heavier weight indicates the bike’s stability and durability.

Final Say

The Diamondback 510lc Indoor Fitness Cycle is the most innovative spin bike you will find in the market. The spin bike is fitted with a brilliant computer device and the most accurate heart rate monitor. The bike is made out of heavy duty steel making it built to last very long. The bike is so impressive that it would keep you motivated to reach your goals. Surely it is the bike to loosen your purse for.

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