A Primer on Preparing Your JEE Exam

JEE. This is one of the toughest engineering entrance examinations. If you aim to pursue your engineering dream in the reputed engineering college in India, then you should be armed head to toe with solutions. Your main weapon in this war is speed with accuracy. Unless you practice hard, there’s slim chance you will be selected. To ensure this, you have to train hard. Push your limits and then and then only will you be able to tackle the exam effectively.

Speed and Accuracy

  • Never use calculator when practicing mock paper in your home. This will degrade your mental capability to calculate and also since such items are prohibited inside the exam hall.
  • Always perform calculations mentally as this will not only increase your speed during the exam but also will reduce your tendency towards depending on calculators.
  • Always prefer shortcuts during complex calculations and skip unimportant steps to reach the final answer.

But as your speed increases, your chances of arriving at the correct answer decreases proportionately. In order to prevent this, try not to make silly errors in calculating. Speed with poor accuracy leads to the wrong answer. You should always tackle and find shortcuts on your own as this will reduce the inclination to follow guide based methods.

Choosing the Right Type of Question

All your best efforts and time spent on preparing for the JEE exam will go in vain if you cannot segregate easy and medium hardness questions from very hard. This will prove to be useful as you can easily crack the examination and get selected for JEE advanced. When practicing in your home the mock JEE papers, always strive to attempt easy and medium tough questions first as they will not only save time but also give a sensation of having prepared well for the exam. The time wasted on the tough question will be a severe blow to your confidence as you will find the medium tough questions hard too.

Coaching Center

Finding the right coaching center will not be difficult as many are cropping up in the city like mushrooms. But the real problem lies whether they can deliver enough commitment and boosting the student’s morale and knowledge. So, be careful while choosing your coaching center.

Also the plus point of being in a center is that you will have the feeling of friendly competition with your class mates, as this will reduce a part of the stress that you will face in the examination hall.  These mock examinations conducted by the center will compare your performance overall. So you will be able to find you weak spot efficiently and fast and also rectify it before the actual examination.

Be Mentally Prepared

This is quiet important for those who are attempting to write the JEE examination (Main and Advanced). Being mentally prepared will increase your self-confidence and (be careful about it because you might become overconfident.) your morale. Even if the question paper appears to be tough, do not lose your cool. Take a deep breath and attempt another question. Have a good night’s sleep the day before the D-DAY so that your mind will be clear and no confusion will occur during the exam.


There’s only one thing that is to be said repeatedly. Practice and practice again. It will make adept on recognizing the easy to attempt questions, have a keen eye on the clock and last but not least make you confident enough to appear for the examination without any worries. Solve question paper from various previous years and you are ready for your examination.

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