Kristina Rihanoff at a Glance

You’ve seen Kristina Rihanoff‘s dazzling footwork if you’ve ever caught an episode of “Strictly Come Dancing” on the BBC. The television sensation is Britain’s equivalent of America’s “Dancing with the Stars,” pairing up professional dancers like Kristina with celebrities. Fans love to see what surprises will happen on each episode as dance phenomena are discovered in the most unlikely of places. Kristina is one of the professionals and it is clear that she was born to dance.


Kristina Learned to Dance in the Land of Ice and Snow

It is no wonder that dancing would become such a focal point in Kristina’s life. As a Russian girl raised in Siberia, dance was a popular attraction for many young people. Add the fact that her father composed music and was a talented musician, and you had the perfect recipe to create a dancer. As Kristina was immersed in the influences brought into her household by her father, her feet began to move. Rather than play an instrument, her body became her instrument. At the age of 7, dance became a regular part of her life with lessons. She learned a variety of styles and went on to teach dance to local children when she was 16. What was once a hobby became a passion that would lead her to her career.

A Woman that Wears Many Hats

Kristina is more than a dancer. While she is best known for her ability to grace a dance floor, she has also earned a Master’s Degree, focusing on Tourism and Hospitality. She has won numerous awards after performing in dance competitions throughout the world. Kristina is a dance instructor and choreographer, sharing her talents with others. She has also written a book in order to help others to enter the world of competitive dancing. In addition, Kristina has become a patron to an organization that is devoted to children, Dot Com Children’s Foundation. In a time when the youth of today are inundated with negative events and influences, Kristina supports them. The foundation is committed to empowering children, reaching out to all children throughout the UK. The main goal is to help children to make positive choices in their lives, choices that will help them to achieve their goals. Kristina is definitely qualified to lend her voice and act as an ambassador, demonstrating where passion and commitment can carry a person in life.

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