How you can use text messages for internal communications

BulkSMS is a great way to communicate in real-time with your clients and prospects, but do you know texting is great for internal communication too? As most people have their phones always with them, there are more chances that your SMS will be read and responded especially when compared to email. Here are a few simple ways organizations can use text messages internally with their team and leverage this efficient and fast means of communication.


  • Reminders of meetings

A number of things are going on within an organization or company on a particular day. At times things like meetings and conference calls slip out of mind. The simple solution to this is by sending out alerts to remind professional when and where to be for meetings. You can send message to an individual or to a group.

  • Emergencies and closures

Have you ever showed up to a meeting and then you were told about the email that you probably missed about the cancellation of the meeting? This is where transactional sms proves helpful and assist to inform professionals in real-time about any meeting cancellations or office closures.

Text message is also a great way to keep your team in the loop in case of an emergency during office hours. Whether you are texting real-time instructions and updates after a natural disaster or you just want to remind your team about a day off, text message can keep everyone more protected and informed in the office.

  • Surveys

Management and the employees always try to make their office a better place to work, and with this type of cooperation real results can be seen. Employee suggestion or satisfaction surveys can be easily administered via text, by just having your employees send an bulk SMS to get a link to the survey.

  • Staffing

When it comes to recruiting more people, most of the companies prefer to hire internally, as they already know their professionals and trust them. Why go through the cost and time recruiting outside the organization, when you could advertise internal opening to present staff? Texting gives simple access for employees to available positions within the organization. Instead of constantly sending emails to your staff, all they have to do is send an text SMS to get a link to latest vacancies.

  • Use polling to plan next event

Not sure whether to have your company New Year part on Friday eve or Saturday eve? Ask your employees. Depending on the majority of votes you can decide the right time for the party or any other event.

  • Communicating to offsite staff

Suppose you have a fleet of drivers spread across the city, or a sales team always on the road- what is the simplest way to reach them? Transaction SMS. If you want to send a message instantly, text message is the best solution.

So, contact smart message service today and improve the way you communicate with your employees without breaking your bank.



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