Embrace health, Be Fit!!

A person leading a healthy lifestyle , that means- eating fresh organic food, exercising everyday, drinking enough water and getting 7 hours of sound sleep  is for sure to reap its benefits manifold!!

One can see the transformation not only in there body & mind but also in their interpersonal relationships, performance at the workplace & their very own personality. It is very much evident from the glow in their face, the vitality in their presence & the dynamism in their action. They are so full of energy which they can sustain the entire day. Which means when they return home, they are not dead tired but still are full of life to spend quality time with their family. Thus the path of being fit bears fruits in all aspects of life. One can also pursue an additional hobby once they have time after work & family time. That again adds to your persona & brings in deeper knowledge in you. Therefore being healthy is the key to everything- right from being efficient at work, hence being able to wrap it up on time & may be before time  & then spending good quality time with family & then having some time to be by yourself, go within. Life becomes fulfilling & we are on the path to contentment.

Fitness is necessary not only on the physical level but also at the mental level. Though physical fitness leads to mental tranquillity, it is not the entire source for mental peace & happiness. Yes, people who are physically fit are happier& find it easier to stay calm & centered. Though it physical strength & fitness alone does not guarantee mental strength & fitness. Our ancient Indian scriptures &vedas say meditation is the only way. Exercising & doing physical fitness activities make it easier for us to delve into meditation & one can go much deeper within. All cultures round the world suggest to go deep within ourselves& experience inner peace & joy.

Though definitely mental fitness is far more necessary than physical fitness, each compliment the other.All that is needed is a strong commitment to do our ypga/fitness activities & meditation religiously every single day. So do not procrastinate, opt for the best gyms in Pune, aerobics classes in Pune, abs gym Pune or join the Pune fitness club enthusiast through the Housejoy app. Housejoy brings to you a variety of fitness classes, ranging from Yoga, Kickboxing, dance classes-salsa, Zumba, freestyle & everything to make you grove in style & stay fit. All you need to do is just click on the service you need & we will be there bringing you the best fitness experts who will assist you on your journey to a fitter & healthier you. If you are wondering how you are going to get ready for a wedding after work & have no time to stop by a parlour, opt for Housejoy’s beauty services at homein Pune & our beauticians will be right there on time to deck you up in style!!


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