Current local SEO trends in 2016

With 2016 already set in, it is already high time for organizations of all sizes and domain to have the SEO trends to be compiled, so as to know as to which one would be ruling the search marketing this year. Last year, search has been affected by different changes. SEO agencies and marketing managers have been reviewing the previous year’s impact of work which had on their ranking performance.

Which SEO trends can web businesses expect to view in 2016?

  1. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): In 2015, this had been the buzzword. CRO is carried out, if users exist, but conversion rate is not availed. Conversions are said to be differently measured from another. This year, conversion rate optimization usage is likely to become more sophisticated. The web managers would take more benefit from event tracking and web tracking from Google Analytics for understanding as to how users can be quickly converted.
  2. Page tagging: Mobile had surpassed laptop and desktop when it came to online search usage. This year is expected to see an increased and may see heading tags to be rolled out to have better rates and more frequently. Uniforming structuring down to the H5 tags is likely to help to ease it.
  3. ASO (App Store Optimization): Increase in usage of mobile is said to have resulted companies in huge numbers to produce apps, thereby creating the need to have ASO for competing with one another. Moreover, app management’s technical deep linking aspects are required, whereby app pages may display in search results. When opposed to the search engines, Siri is being used more often by the mobile users for availing information quickly. Therefore, organizations which look towards luring mobile users are required to develop and to have apps marketed accordingly for having the prospects taken right to the official apps and not requiring them to visit the site.
  4. Vocal and Local Search: The focus is more upon local search and hence, businesses are required to be vocal as to what they are rendering. Businesses/Google Places presently shows 3 results rather than 7. However, click through is said to reveal list of about 20 results. Large scale companies or local businesses having shops or local depots are to have local listing and schema tagging to be placed as top priority for capturing the local market to receive relevant results increasingly this year.
  5. Different SEO phases (buying and research): SEO in 2016 is likely to come with several different phases, thereby compelling organizations to develop SEO accordingly. It is regarded to be a new way for developing SEO strategies which includes developing distinctive campaigns for various steps present within user’s journey. For instance, customers at the beginning of the journey and those eager to purchase could possibly be targeted by making use of different keyword sets. The targeted per user SEO campaigns would consider various habits that are attribute towards site usage and conversion understanding.

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Conclusion: Knowing the current local SEO trends of 2016 is likely to help the entrepreneur to be prepared for the stiff competition ahead and to ensure that the business is in tandem with the current requirements of the leading search engines.

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