Completely Free Backup Solution – EaseUS Todo Backup Free

There’s not ever been a superior time to be in the marketplace for a free backup tool. Current days, you want two kinds of backup: first for your files & documents, and the next one for your system. EaseUS Todo Backup Free tries to connect both spheres, and does so with sound success.

The good news about EaseUS Todo Backup Free is that it’s really a rebadged form of Todo Backup Home that was earlier sold as commercial goods. It’s able of backing up the whole thing from carefully chosen files and file kinds to whole partitions or drives (there’s also cloning tools comprised for advancement from one drive to another), with planning choices and support for incremental updates thus backups are kept as small and effective as possible.


There are more recovery and restore choicesalso, such as being capable to partition backups and browse disk for separate files and folders, and more a choice for making a WinPE-based recovery disc that permits you to use the program outer on Windows, making it better for drive advancements or recovering crashed systems.

It’s straightforward to use and works excellently. There are some gripes though – though it’s likely to back up particular email-based files using the file kindschoice, we’d have a preference a more clear email backup choice along with chosen program settings and – for the geeks between us  Registry settings too.

You could also use it as a cloning software, to migrate your system to a fresh hard disk, without reinstalling your OS and applications. Other functions contain mounting of backup images as virtual partitions (permits you to search the content), clone hard drive to SSD, formation of bootable recovery disks and Windows 10 backup. The free form contains whole the features for simple disk imaging and backup, but it boosts you to upgrade to one of their paid form which delivers extra features.

EaseUS Todo Backup free is completely free software that backup you are Operating System, being able to migrate Windows 10 to SSD,even to different hardware environment. It supports incremental and differential backup. An Incremental backup is reserve that’s dissimilar since the last backup,whereas differential is the difference since the last FULL backup. It will also reserve a copy of your older backup for you, up to the definite duration (weeks, days, months and years) or the last X backups. It also contains a scheduler to permit the program to run onlisted date & time, many daily and weekly plans. You may also plan it once at definite time later.

To save the space used, it can also compress the backup pictures – four levels – normal, none,medium & high. It’s not the complete fledged monstrous product. But it delivers entire the essential tools to perform backup efficiently. It also has some extras: data wiping&disk cloning. It can also make a bootable CD USB image to be used throughout emergency condition. With luck no one ever requirements it. It can also base an image as a usual drive. There are 2 things I hope they would add into the next version – validate backup images and run a missed scheduled backup and automatically after ward formation.

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