8 Home Improvements to Consider Before You Move In

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You finally did it—you purchased a home. But being a resale, it wasn’t custom built for you, so it’s possible you’ll need to undertake several home improvements before you can truly call it your own.

1. Repair/paint walls

With a resale, there’s a good chance you’re not going to like the color of the wall or the wallpaper in at least one room. Rather than moving furniture out of the room, you can save yourself the effort and take care of the repairs/painting before any furniture goes in.

2. Child/pet proofing

If you have kids or pets, or both, then you have a little more work to do than the average homebuyer. It’s possible that the past homeowners were in a similar situation, and therefore, already made the necessary adjustments, in which case you lucked out. Either way, you’ll want to take a walk around the house/yard to identify potential hazards, and make the necessary modifications.

3. Cleaning

Systematically scrubbing down the floors, cabinets and bathrooms allows you to make your new home yours. After all, nothing says a fresh start like a squeaky clean toilet.

4. Bathroom repairs

If any home improvements need to be done that require your water to be shut off, it’s much less of an inconvenience if done while you aren’t living there. Likewise, replacing cabinets, sinks, toilet seats etc. before you move in, will make your life easier.

5. Kitchen repairs

The same principles of bathroom remodeling apply to the kitchen. Having your water shut off, as well as not having access to appliances like a refrigerator and stove/oven can be disrupting to your everyday life. So take care of the remodeling before you move in.

6. Flooring

Obviously, tearing up your floors is easier when you haven’t moved in.

7. Security

Some people only feel safe with a twenty foot high gate and armed guards, while others don’t even lock their doors. So depending on your own personality, and the new neighborhood you live in, you might want to consider changing the locks and adding a security system.

8. Pest control

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with any little critters as house guests. However, it’s entirely possible they’re already there, so walk around the inside and outside to find out if you need to make a call to pest control.

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