What Science Says about the Medical Benefits of Marijuana?

Marijuana does not fall under the good books of people. This substance has spoilt careers of many youths as they have developed an addiction. It has been found that youths take marijuana to derive pleasure, relieve pain, etc on a temporary basis. Researchers decided that if marijuana could be used for medicinal purposes, it could treat many ailments.

Marijuana is Getting Recognition from Different Countries

Scientists have conducted a few experiments in the past to determine the health benefits of marijuana. However, they took extracts of marijuana and produced synthetic versions of cannabidiol compounds. Researchers have found that the derivatives of cannabidiol helped in reducing symptoms of nausea, muscle pain, etc among cancer and HIV patients.

These revelations allowed the governments of many countries to legalize the usage of the medicinal marijuana. Two versions of medicated marijuana have been approved by FDA. Governments many European countries including the UK are offering special facilities to researchers to come up with valuable insights of medicated marijuana.

What Researchers Say About Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana?

The research on medicated marijuana has been legalized in many states of the US as well as in many European countries. Previously, scientists found marijuana effective on cases like brain tumors, etc. Now the derivatives of cannabidiol have become helpful in treating other ailments.


Glaucoma raises the pressure in eyeballs, damages optic nerves and leads to loss of vision. Intake of medicated marijuana maintains the intraocular pressure and prevents blindness.

Reduces Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Researchers have proved that marijuana does not deteriorate lung function. When consumed in the right amount, it increases the capacity of the lungs.

Controls Epileptic Seizures

Medicated marijuana can reduce the symptoms of epileptic seizures. Researchers administered synthetic marijuana to rats suffering from epilepsy. Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC binds to brain cells and raises relaxation level.

Checks Growth of Cancer Cells

Cancer cells contain a gene called Id-1. This gene allows the cancer cells to multiply at a fast rate. Cannabidiol found in marijuana makes Id-1 gene dormant.

Reduces Anxiety

Scientists performed research on cancer patients in the past. Patients underwent chemotherapy that escalated the symptoms of nausea and pain. When medical marijuana was administered to patients, it reduced the symptoms of nausea and anxiety.

Checks Alzheimer’s Disease

Marijuana can check the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. An enzyme leads to the formation of amyloid plaques that kills brain cells. THC present in marijuana prevents the growth of amyloid plagues and helps the patient recover.

Cures of Muscle Spasms Occurring in Diaphragm

Some people suffer from Myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter. Along with the diaphragm, abdominal muscles also get affected. The pain in abdominal muscles interfere speaking and breathing abilities.  Intake of medical marijuana relaxes muscles of the diaphragm.

Makes Hepatitis C Treatment Effective

When a patient undergoes Hepatitis C treatment, he or she has to suffer from the side effects like loss of appetite, muscle aches, depression, etc. Administering of marijuana helps in reducing viral levels and improves other health conditions.

These are benefits of consuming medicated marijuana. When you suffer from these ailments, consult your doctor who would suggest you the right medication.

Author Bio – Dennis Frank is a biological scientist who researches on cases like epilepsy, muscle stiffness, etc. He has written many articles for rockymountainremedies.com, which are based on medical benefits of marijuana. Click here to read his latest blogs. 


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