How to choose the right addiction treatment clinic

Addiction tends to affect millions of people from all kinds of races and social class globally. As a result, there are many rehabilitation programs that have been created to help in treating drug and alcohol addicts. With the countless programs available, families can find it difficult to choose the right facility for their loved one. Here are guidelines to help you make the right choice.Expected results

Different programs will give varying results. Therefore, is essential for you to know the kind of facility that you are settling for and the results that it will achieve. Some facilities measure success by checking whether a person completes the stipulated program or by punctually attending a meeting or taking the prescribed medications. For others success is the ability to abstain from the drug or alcohol after returning home.

Length of the program

It is essential that you determine the length of the rehabilitation program. Most addiction treatment clinic will offer short-term or long-term programs for their patients. The most common program usually lasts for 28 days. Such a program is usually short and does not give patients the time they require to achieve maximum sobriety. Most people need long-term treatment regimen for them to become more stable.

Inpatient or out-patient facilities

Most facilities will offer patients outpatient or inpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is offered in a local clinic where the patients can be treated while living with their loved ones. Inpatient therapy necessitates addicts to reside in the clinic for the entire treatment duration.Inpatient facilities are the best because the addict is removed from the triggers of his/her addiction. However, the individual will be separated from his/her family for a long period of time.


You should select a clinic that has qualified professionals. The experts should be licensed by relevant authorities. The facility should have professionals from different fields, for example, counselors, mental health experts, medical personnel, nutritionists and many more. This will ensure that the patient receives all round treatment. These professionals should offer care 24 hours a day.


Most drug or alcohol addicts are usually in a bad state of health when they seek rehabilitation treatment. This is because addicts do not eat healthy meals throughout their addiction period. For example, alcohol abuse results in brain disease and anemia due to nutritional deficiencies.  Therefore, you should choose a facility that incorporates nutritional support for patients. This will quicken recovery by preventing symptoms that hinder treatment, for instance, depression, sleeplessness, lack of energy, lack of appetite and irritation.

Family participation

Inquire whether the facility encourages family participation. This is essential because a treatment that entails the family, medical personnel and the patient tends to be more successful. Ask how the family is involved throughout the course of the therapy so that you can get information on how to take care of your loved one.

With the different rehabilitation facilities available, you should take time to compare several facilities before you make a decision. This will guarantee that you select the best option available.

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