Helpful tips to make your home look more than it’s worth

Do you want to get the best price when selling your property? It may be easier than you think to turn your modest house into an expensive-looking dwelling.

The living room

Helpful tips  IMAGEDecorate with flowers. Fresh flowers are relatively inexpensive and add warmth and personality to any environment. Change the flowers every week so the colours and scent remain at their best.

Switch to vinyl or wood flooring if possible. Your flooring sets a tone for the room. Carpets hold dirt, trap smells, and are difficult to clean. Vinyl flooring is inexpensive, easy to clean, and can be purchased in almost any colour. Wood flooring is solid, durable, and versatile. To vary colours and textures use area rugs in bright and interesting colours and patterns.

The bathroom

You can change a ho-hum bathroom into a luxurious master bath by making just a few changes. Update the bathtub by replacing old taps or installing a new shower-head. Fluffy towels in colourful prints and coordinated accessories will add to the luxurious feeling

The bedroom

Buy new bedding in luxuriant material, such as velvet, silk, or satin. Add some greenery, such as a large fern or some small potted plants.

Move the furnishings around. Decide which wall you will place your bed against. A nightstand with drawers, shelves and a lamp can be placed on each side of the bed to provide space for your alarm clock, books and a reading light.

Scatter some overfilled throw pillows around the room to convert your bedroom from “everyday” to sumptuous.

General decor changes that can add value


If you want to make a particular room look more vibrant, use colour. Light shades will make a space warm and welcoming, while jewel hues add a sophisticated tone to a room. White works well. It’s clean looking, and goes with anything. A few white items make the coloured accents pop out.


Lighting is a functional necessity that sets the mood and tone of your home. Purchase a couple of really good lamps. An elegant lampshade does wonders to dress up a space.


Buy new blinds curtains, and internal shutters. These are relatively inexpensive and crisp new window coverings make a good impression. Feel free to mix and match textures and colours. Solid wooden shutters are durable and give your home an elegant look. Quality interior shutters add timelessness to a room

Don’t forget the curb appeal! Spruce up the exterior of your home. Get rid of rubbish and junk. Mow your grass and keep your lawn in mint condition.


  • Play soft classical music in the background when the estate agent is showing your home.
  • Use lamps with soft lighting to make your house more welcoming.
  • Turn on all the lights when your house is being shown.

Everyone wants to dwell in an elegant, impressive house. When your home is being shown to prospective buyers, it is even more important to make a good impression.

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