The benefits many businesses can offer their employees

Running a business is no easy task. From managing and recruiting to financials, you are bound to have your hands full seven days a week. And if you are a business owner, you certainly know and understand the crucial importance of truly good employees who stay with the organization for years and treat it as their own, with care and consideration. There is, however, nothing worse for your company than relying on exceptionally able employees who walk out on you because they are not happy or satisfied.

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Benefits: the answer

Employee benefits are aspects of employee remuneration that are additional to their salary. Most companies follow the practice of offering extras to their workers, simply because it works wonders at convincing potential candidates to join, and current ones to stay with the company. When employees know they are cared for and do not need to worry about particulars such as insurance and travel, it makes life easier for them and, in turn, for you.

Thinking outside the box

Almost all firms offer medical or health insurance these days, particularly in potentially dangerous industries such as construction and forestry so, although it is very important, it is definitely not unique. To keep your employees genuinely happy, and to have the power to make them think twice before they consider moving on, you need to think outside the box in terms of benefits. Bonuses such as retirement plans, paid leave and seasonal holidays are more generous and long-term, so you may want to look into including these as part of your policy.

However, if someone were to tell you that one day each month is reserved for an office bowling outing, or that you are eligible for an employee discount reward card such as that offered by Grouptrader, would you not be enticed because of the personal value of the proposal? Think of it as a value-added service and put yourself in your employees’ shoes when making such decisions. If you feel that a policy or programme is good enough to pull you towards it, your employees will probably appreciate it, too.

What else can you do?

Other such things you can offer your staff include childcare-related benefits, such as time off from work to attend important school events, or an allocated space for dependent children to play in while the parent completes work in office. Paid leave during maternity or sickness with the assurance of restored duties at the end of the designated period will also grant job security and satisfaction. Providing flexible working hours is perhaps the smartest move of all, if the structure and workings of your firm will allow for it. This way, employees are aware of their duties, but also know that they can fit their personal needs and time into the daily list of things to do.

An in-house kitchen that prepares lunch for employees is a great idea if you have the budget for it. Workers would then not have to worry about cooking and packing lunch every morning, and will look forward to lunchtime as a break with no strings attached.

Transportation is a crucial part of everyone’s daily routine, so make the commute for your employees easier by providing pickup points around the office, or arranging travel cards for public modes of transport.

Follow these extra tips to keep yourself and your employees covered, and hold brainstorming sessions with them to learn of any specific issues you may be able to help them with as an employer.

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