Moving to the Middle East: what you should know

People often say it feels like the world has become a smaller place. The affordability of international travel combined with the dramatic enhancements in communication technology, has provided us with opportunities to explore what would have been considered impossibly exotic only a generation or two ago. It is not just about holidays either, as more and more people consider making a permanent, or at least semi-permanent, move to another country. Image(1)Appealing prospects

The Middle East is an attractive location for a whole range of reasons, and the countries in this region have some exciting prospects for an expat lifestyle.

Fahad Al Rajaan is one of a number of individuals who are enjoying significant success because of their ties to the Middle East. Thanks to Fahad Al Rajaan and others like him, the Middle East is becoming increasingly accessible, as businesses in the area continue to grow and provide more and more employment opportunities, which in turn provide competitive salaries enhanced by attractive tax regimes.

Infrastructure also continues to evolve to support this business growth, with new real estate developments continually emerging across the region, offering surprisingly affordable luxury in an area famous for excellent weather all year round.

With all this in mind, it is perhaps not surprising that increasing numbers of people are considering the Middle East as a place in which they might want to settle down.

Things to consider

There is a lot to consider when relocating and from a logistical point of view it helps to have a detailed check-list that you can refer back to in order to make sure you are organised and in control. These are three of the most fundamental things to consider:

· Work and Finance.Many people are inspired to move abroad because of work opportunities, but before taking a step into the unknown it is important to make sure you work out a realistic budget based on local prices so that you are confident of maintaining the lifestyle you desire.

· Location.Make sure you are clear about exactly where you want to be based from both a work and home-life perspective. Research every aspect of this, including commuting, schools, leisure facilities, hospitals and anything else you may take for granted in your home country.

· Cultural Differences.Living in a different country can throw up some surprising cultural challenges. It is essential to understand what these differences are, with regard to family life for example, so you can be confident they are consistent with your own beliefs and expectations.

An exciting future

Moving abroad to live and work, as opposed to visiting only for holiday purposes, is a bold but potentially very rewarding step to take. Making such a move can open up a completely new range of exciting opportunities from both a career and lifestyle point of view. It can seem daunting at first, but by consulting the right sources and doing the necessary preparation, you can put yourself in the best possible position to make the most of such an adventure.

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