The vital role Distance education plays in changing lives

Distance education is a relatively new concept in India. Though a lot of universities have been offering distance courses for a long time only In the recent years has it earned prominence. These coursescourses provide a route for wiling learners who are unable to attend college a chance tocollege a chance in studying the courses they desire.

Distance education courses like distance MBA much like the regular MBA’s have semesters and other examinations. The main key difference is that the study materials are provided to the students and there is no regular classroom learning. Some courses have weekend classes but that too is not too rigorous.

Distance MBA is not for everybody. It is usually very tough to manage work, family commitments and study for the course. The people pursuing these courses need to have alot of self-will. The people who pursue these courses have a bigger responsibility than others to finish the course. There are a lot of cases of people quitting half way as they are unable to continue to manage their life effectively.

MBA in Finance

Master’s degree in Finance and financial administrationis one of the most converted courses in MBA.  It is generally considered to be a lot tougher than other Majors. Students who decide to pursue this major must go through the subjects and decide if they will be able to cope with the syllabus

Certain key points to be considered in MBA in finance are.

  • The key aptitudes required for finance major is Analytical skills attention to detail and a way with numbers.
  • The subjects are quite hard in this major compared to other disciplines.
  • The mainsubjects for Finance major arefinancial management, economics, investments, executive decision making, analysis of riskand profitability etc.
  • The job of a finance manager would include the following to prepare and evaluates budgets, fund raising for projects, cost controlling and investment decisions.
  • The career growth is immense in this field.
  • Market demand for finance major is always high however the competition is very stiff with other professional courses like chartered accountants.

MBA in marketing

MBA in Marketing is one of the first major introduced in the field of management study.Master’s in Marketing is a course about about sales, marketing trends, decision-making and leadership management skills, consumer developments etc. It is a very people oriented course.

  • The key aptitudes required for marketing major is an outgoing personality, logical approach to problems, communication skills, reasoning skills, ability to lead, quick and effective decision making skills etc.
  • The subjects are relatively easier than finance major however they are still quite challenging.
  • The main subjects for Marketing major are Marketing, sales and branding.
  • The job of a Marketing manager is usually formulating marketing strategies, developing brand name, Trend analysis, Decision making in marketing. Their main goal is to raise the sales revenue and bring in more customers into the company.
  • Market demands for marketing majors are always high. The companies always need extra hands in marketing teams.

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