The importance of studying from course books

As the students grow up and start their journey towards the high school education, their reliability on the textbooks starts being minimized as other options like online journals, videos, externally published materials like reference guides etc increase. Although the students buy all the CBSE books for class 9, they rarely study from it. Also with the introduction of the concepts of tab learning and other audiovisual techniques, the emphasis on the books is constantly reducing which is not a good sign. Studying from the course books is very important and all the basic concepts are explained therein right from scratch and the CBSE textbooks for class 9 are designed specifically in such a way that it makes the learning easy for the students. Byjus classes is the best institute for class 9 preparation.

The 9th grade is the base for the students where they enter the high school and learn things that are new and much more important than what has been taught to them in all these years. In addition, this year proves to be a year where the foundation of their future years as a student and then a career is laid. A little ignorance in studies in this year could give poor results. No matter what all-external resources you use do not ignore the role that the NCERT books of class 9 will play in getting a thorough exposure to all the areas covered across various subjects.

If these students of class 9 finds it boring to read a book the traditional way, there are many websites  through which you can get the copy of your NCERT textbooks for class 9 online as well. Moreover with the apps that provide such options you can get the freedom of studying whatever subject you want to right from your phone or tab. Although using the internet is way more fun and easy to study these days, but since the textbooks are still followed and used by the tutors in the school to teach the students, the chances of framing a paper for your exam from that book gets increased. Due to this, it is necessary that you have an idea of everything that is mentioned in the course books. Specially in case of the subjects like history, which is completely theoretical, you cannot afford to miss on the minutest of the details that are asked in the question paper.

When you would initially study from the textbook and then use the internet or any other reference book, studying and understanding the new concepts would become easy and would help you in recalling and connecting the things studied throughout. In addition, when you solve the worksheets and exercises given at the end of each chapter after studying it thoroughly, it would become easy for you to understand the pattern that is followed and the type of questions that would be asked in the exams or tests. So now that you know the importance of studying from a textbook for your 9th grade exams, download them online and start studying with ease.

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