Mobile is the most used gadget by us now a day. We always connected with this gadget in every second in our life even when we are sleeping also. We always use this useful gadget to stay connected with peoples, stay connected with our relatives.

So if you are a company holder or someone who wants to get in touch of people for your profit or by any cause, you have to track this gadget. Because mobile is the only way to make a relation between your association to general peoples. You can also have different ways like social media, mail delivery system, TV channels, and media but they are not much efficient for this work. Because here is an example – let someone not in his home and not in touch of internet activity so he or she cannot see your mail or TV programme until she/he come back to his/her own place. But in this gap if he/she has a mobile phone he/she must carry this gadget. And as per our survey every person reads their mobile text message in 3 minutes and not only the SMS they lights on their phone once in 5 minute.

Bulk SMS Marketing - Dos and donts

So if you promote your organization via mobile messages then it will be much profitable than other way.
Now the discussion about is KAPSYSTEM Company which is a bulk SMS provider company. With this company you can send bulk SMS to any number in the world. You have to pay a cheap rate for this service. Here is the brief description about this service.
Advantages of KAPSYSTEM:

  1. You can send your SMS in any language with this company. They generally sets English as default language but you can also choose any local language from everywhere this company will give you the opportunity to use that language.
    If you are targeting local people for your organization then local language is the best choice.
  2. 50% of people pass away the service messages or any other messages so your effort can be dull for this reason. But with KAPSYSTEM it will not possible you have an option to send flash SMS to the user which means user must have to read your message because they already pop upped on their screen they cannot neglect them.
  3. The next problem is DND which means DO Not Disturb. This special features delivered by the service provider to avoid unwanted messages to any number 40% of people have activated this service to get away from service messages. But you don’t worry KAPSYSTEM messages have not restriction with this DND service you can send your message to both DND and Non-DND user.
  4. You have also an option to send picture messages also.

You will have a 6 character sender ID from KAPSYSTEM which will indicate your sign like for ICICI Bank it will be LM-ICICIB. You can have KAPSYSTEM service from 9 am to 9pm (IST).

For further quires you can directly have a look at KAPSYSTEM demo service at this link – http://kapsystem.com/freedemo1.php. Or also can directly contact through [email protected] and +91 9738010000.


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