Tips for children to read

in many cases, the first contact of the children with books occurs at the beginning of school age. Textbooks are currently very attractive for children, but often, they just associate books to study or obligation.

What can we do to acquire the habit of reading for pleasure to read and not necessarily reading is connected to the obligation of the duties and studies?

EducationArouse interest in reading in children

The interest in reading can be encouraged and suggested since our children are very young, even before they learn to read. For this, we offer books to children as a form of entertainment, an alternative over game.

You have certainly seen books of all types, designed precisely for the enjoyment of the smallest of the house, fabric stories, tales to put in the bathtub, simple picture books that teach our son everyday objects, windows or drop-down stories, stories with sounds, stories to read them before sleeping, books about animals and insects, small encyclopedias, etc.

Allowing browse a book or sentarles in our lap to read a book is to motivate a solid foundation for reading bases and therefore the benefits it will bring: intelligence, imagination , creativity, etc.

Tips to encourage children to read

Working for our son likes reading worth and we must introduce them as soon as possible in the habit of skimming and tinker with books. Let us note some recommendations:

  • The book should be seen as a toy at an early age rather than manipulate and watch, for it is important to adapt the type of book to the age of the children.
  • Enhance imitation If they see us reading, even if the press them also want to share with us the reading area.
  • Reading aloud you the story when they are learning to talk is ideal, as they can browse the pictures or ask questions. The book should tell simple stories they can understand without difficulty and, therefore, do not miss the attention or interest.
  • Go to the library regularly. This space is ideal for teaching remain silent and respect necessary for the books.
  • Give books or reward the child with them it is exciting for them. Enhance that they themselves who choose the book they like.
  • Making sure they understand the content. When they are able to understand smoothly history or make themselves a comprehensive reading, we must make them participate in the realizations history questions or asking their opinion about what they heard or read.
  • Teach them to make a thoughtful reading: advantage to give lessons or show behaviors. adequate or inadequate that can come loose reading
  • Always keep interest alive, stock your room with a small library, which it grows with them. Reading is the foundation of all subsequent knowledge, promote reading is to promote academic success and interest in learning.

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