Save money on great-tasting coffee with Keurig K-cups



Keurig are mostly known for their easy-to-use coffee and espresso makers and the patented K-cups that keep your coffee completely fresh for years if necessary. The quality of their products and the many different flavors of coffee they offer have made Keurig coffee machines and little baskets of multi-colored K-cups a feature of offices and homes across the world. In addition, they are also the exclusive suppliers of coffee to various coffee chains across Canada and the rest of the world, so you can enjoy your favorite Keurig flavors virtually anywhere and get money off with a Keurig promo code: At home, at work, out on the town or even on holiday!

I addition to the coffee flavors that have rightly made them famous, Keurig also produce a variety of teas, having initially been invested in by Green Mountain, a major producer of tea. As a result, you can buy hot beverages of virtually any kind and easily use them in your Keurig coffee maker to produce a rich variety of tea and coffee flavors from across the world.

Having cornered the market in hot drinks, Keurig has made an exciting new development with its new Keurig Kold. As the name suggests, the Kold moves right out of Keurig’s comfort zone and into the world of cold drinks. Various big brands, including Coca-Cola, have partnered with Keurig to create flavored pods of their most famous drinks that you can use to make a glass of ice-cold, carbonated Coca-Cola in your own home or workplace. Now, you’ll be able to add a huge selection of cold drinks to the wide selection of hot drinks already offered by Keurig. You can grab a K-cup whatever the weather, time of year or however you’re feeling, and get a fantastic, fresh hot or cold beverage to match. With over 268 flavors available, including 170 flavors just of coffee, Keurig’s partnerships with 30 brands has unlocked a world of taste for its customers. With Kold, it promises to do even more, with half-a-dozen brands already lined up to produce flavors for the new machine. You can be certain that there’ll be a new Keurig promo code to save you money on the new flavors and the new machine, too. Current deals include money off on orders over a certain amount and a slash in the price of their coffee machines, so expect to see similar deals for the new cold drinks.

However Kold turns out – and Keurig’s past successes suggest it will turn out pretty well! – Keurig have already cemented their brand with their successful coffee machines. While some qualms remain about the environmental impact of K-cups (they are neither compostable nor recyclable) this is the case for all coffee pods by major manufacturers, and it is in fact the major manufacturers who are best placed to effectively solve the problem, as they can afford the necessary R&D. So, we can continue to raise a cup of coffee (or tea or – soon – Coke) to Keurig and their coffee machines, which make hot beverages easy for millions of customers around the world.


Owning and managing a business can be very hard work, but very rewarding at the same time. One of the hardest industries to break into is the food service business. There is so much competition, but if you find the right niche, you will be able to have success. Among the most popular restaurants most people will start is a pizza delivery service. In order to run a business like this, you will need to have quality equipment, such as insulated bags to keep the product hot during transport. The following are a few factors to consider when choosing the right insulated bags for your Canadian pizza business.

Capacity is a Big Concern

The first thing you need to think about when trying to find the right pizza bag is the amount of boxes it can hold. In most cases, you will be able to find a number of different sized bags, which means you will need to do some research to find the right one. You need to think about the average number of pizzas a driver will be delivering at one time. The more you know about your needs, the easier it will be to find the right bags for your business.


The Durability Factor

The next thing you will need to think about when trying to choose the right pizza bag is the durability. You want to make sure that the bags you are purchasing will stand up to the punishment they will endure while in use. You need to make a point of going online to see if you can find some reviews to give you an idea of the success others have had with them. By taking the time to do this type of research, you will be able to make an informed decision on which bags to purchase.

Personalization Options

Another very important thing to consider when choosing the right pizza bags is the customization that is available. Some business owners want to put their logo on the bags they get and finding a bag supplier that can offer you this can be a great selling point. Make sure you find out the type of customization you can get before making your decision due to the importance that this can play. By weighing all of the pros and cons of each company, you will find it easier to make your decision on which one to use.

At, you will be able to find the high-quality bags you need at the right price. Be sure to contact them when you find yourself in need of pizza bags that will last you a long time to come.


The smell of fresh coffee is a fantastic way to begin the day! Is one of your favorite smells the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? Come sit and enjoy another tasty cup of joe. Keep reading to learn more about getting the most from your coffee.

It’s no secret that you will pay more for better quality. Quality coffee beans will cost more, but will make a world of difference in the taste of your coffee. If you purchase cheap coffee you are not going to get the quality taste you are seeking.


Consider using a French press for brewing rich, flavorful coffee. Regular coffee filters absorb the precious oils that a French press enhance. A French press moves the grounds to the carafe. The oils will give a richer flavor if they stay in the brew.

Do you think the coffee that comes from your machine could taste better? Try running a cycle through with just water. Let it go through the full cycle, but skip adding the coffee. After you have run the machine with water, start it up again with coffee grounds. In addition, this is an excellent method of cleaning your machine.

Be aware of how the water you use when you brew coffee can affect the end result. Poor quality water will make your coffee taste lousy. Mineral water should produce the best flavor. Minerals are important in ensuring that your coffee tastes balanced and not bitter.

Try to purchase only coffee that was grown without pesticides. The elements your coffee beans were exposed to while growing will play a big part in the final flavor of your brew. Look for organic coffees, which will taste markedly better.

Before you make a whole pot, do a test run with your new coffee machine. Run the coffee maker using only water. This will also remove any dust or lint that may have accumulated inside the machine while it was in the box.

If you prefer storing your coffee in your refrigerator, take care that it is in a container that is air tight. If it’s not, the odors inside the fridge can be absorbed by the coffee. If stored incorrectly, coffee can accumulate moisture.

Be sure the water you are using in your coffee maker is fresh, clean and tastes well. It has a huge impact on the overall taste of your cup. Taste the water before using it to make coffee.

Put some money towards a simple coffee grinder. Grinding coffee beans immediately prior to brewing leaves the aromatic, flavorful oils alone and your coffee tastes fresher. The majority of coffee grinders that exist feature the ability to adjust coarseness. You can also find a coffee maker that has it’s own grinder if you desire fewer appliances.

Does your coffee not taste as good as what you find in a coffee shop? One way to immediately improve the taste is to use more actual coffee grounds. Lots of coffee shops will use two coffee tablespoons for each six water ounces. Experiment to find the ratio that works for you. Also understand that you’ll need to change things up as you try different blends.

If you are trying to cut down on your caffeine consumption, it is not necessary to go cold-turkey. One way to approach this is to use a mixture of caffeinated and de-caffeinated beans. If you’re using coffee that’s already been ground, just add however much you want of each one.

If you love coffee in many different flavors, buy some creamers or syrups that can be added after you brew. You won’t have different flavors that stick to your coffee pot. This will also help you give guests the flavor they want. Make sure flavorings are added prior to the milk to facilitate thorough dissolution.

This information will have you seeing what you have been missing. Your morning cup of coffee with surly taste better tomorrow. Apply what you’ve learned here, and you won’t go wrong.


Economic development has seen an increase in recent times. Some of the biggest industry contributors have been services, infrastructure and agriculture. That being said, the packaging industry has also been one of the big contributors showing lot of depth and variety. In the last few years, the overall turnover of this industry has seen tremendous growth, which can mostly be attributed to the fact that more and more small and big companies have joined the industry and are extensively contributing to the overall growth.


One of the biggest factors that have helped different companies see their respective growth in the packaging industry is improvement in efficiency. The entire packaging process has become faster, user-friendly and much more efficient. This is a direct result of modern packaging machineries that are mostlyautomatic in nature. Today we see automatic packaging machines for just about all types of products be it food packaging or agricultural product packaging or anything else; there are specialized packaging machines for every single item. Depending on the type of products they manufacture, companies heavily invest in buying user-friendly automatic packaging machines.

Different types of Products and Materials being Packed

So what are the different products or materials that usually get packed by these modern automatic packaging machines? A few years ago it was all about packing glass containers, steel containers, wood containers etc. but the industry has taken a huge leap forward since those times. Today we see that the industry has grown into a wide range of flexible as well as rigid packaging options. Different types of products and materials that can be packed with these modern machines today include bakery products, fertilizers and chemicals, cosmetic products, edible oil, processed food items, spices, beverages, pharmaceuticals, detergents, soaps, engineering products and much more.

Let us take a look at the various advantages of these automatic packaging machines used in the industry today. Speaking at the industrial and commercial level, modern and sophisticated packaging machines are mostly used for pharmaceuticals, detergents, and food items. Depending on the product being packed, the machines can be used by initializing specific values through a control panel. Some of the most commonly used automatic packaging machines at industry level include platen punching machine, rewinding machine, horizontal and vertical form fill seal machine, accumulating machines, converting machines etc.

A wide range of packing machines being manufactured today include fully automatic and semi-automatic wrapping, filling and sealing machines. Manufacturers are always on the way towards improving these machineries in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency. This obviously has a direct impact on the overall turnover of the industry in all locations across the globe. Coming times only look promising for packaging industries and we can easily anticipate more compact, more user-friendly and more affordable packing machines.


Family kitchens need to feel welcoming and be functional; this is where you and yours congregate to cook, chat and spend quality time together.  For most people who are now parents, the kitchen was the hub of their home as they grew up.  The space was generous and open, often incorporating a dining area or island where you could sit and watch as your food was prepared.  However, as smaller homes have become the norm for many families and apartment living is widespread, the area available for kitchens is limited in contemporary homes.

When you are remodeling you cooking area, consider applying the principles of integrated design and forward-plan every aspect of your kitchen.  Work out what features will optimize the space you currently have, making it a more dynamic and productive environment in which you feel comfortable.  Of primary importance is keeping the worktops free from clutter and easy to clean-up after use.  If you have no choice but to keep a few items out, use decorative trays or baskets to keep them looking neat and tidy.  Your bin should also be kept off the floor and out of the way, place it beneath the sink or counter to instantly make the room feel bigger.

Wall cabinets that reach up to the ceiling give you a bountiful storage solution, but if you don’t like the thought of using a stool to access them, put your everyday items on the lower shelves.  Consider storing larger appliances in a separate area or even having a designated utility space elsewhere if possible.Although it is always ideal to have your kitchen and dining area on the same level and adjacent to each other, a screen or sliding door can be installed to hide the post-cooking clutter at parties.  During less formal times, like family meals, it can be left open for a more flowing, open-plan feel.


Color can be used to create the illusion of space, so select paler shades, or even white for your walls or units. Marble is an exquisite work surface material, and its bright reflective qualities will make a narrow area appear larger.  Staging a room with the right illumination can also bring out the best in a small space; try large bright pendant lights combined withcabinet down-lighters for a gentle ambient glow.

The kitchen window is an important aspect of the overall design; it needs to let in plenty of light, but also offer privacy and shade. Polyvinyl shutters are an elegant choice; they come in a variety of modern tones, remain unaffected by moisture and are easy to clean.  For a subtle effect choose a shutter color that coordinates with your décor, or add drama with a contrasting shade.

As with all aspects of interior design, the kitchen in your home should be planned to meet the needs of your family and lifestyle.  Although organization is vital, the choice of color, the units and the dressing are down to your personal taste.  Do some research on what’s available, then take your time in drafting a kitchen plan and you’ll create a space which will make you happy every day.


The restaurant business is highly competitive. Customers expect consistently great service and food for their money. These factors can make it more challenging to attract investors. The importance of investors cannot be emphasized enough. Investors can help your restaurant grow more quickly and have the capital to make improvements to your existing business so you can attract a wider demographic of customers. Here are some tips for attracting the right investors to your restaurant.

Look for more than one investor

While some investors may be willing to invest a small sum in your restaurant business there might not be too many that want to invest a large amount of money. Investors know that they can minimize their risk by having their money invested in a variety of different investments. This means that seeking out several investors may help your business secure the capital it needs at start up or to complete an expansion faster than you thought possible.

Have a great business plan

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry is convincing investors that they have what it takes to succeed. This is because many restaurants start with little in the way of a well thought out business plan. In order to attract investors you need to make sure that you have thoroughly thought of your vision for your business in the long term. If investors can’t see how they will be able to make a profit then they are not likely to invest.


Private versus banks

Private investment groups can be a lucrative way for restaurants to get the capital they need. M1 Holding Company was founded by brothers Taha and Najib Mikati. For updates on Mr. Mikatiyou can read the LA Times. M1 has a diverse portfolio of investments including those in the restaurant and entertainment industry. Holding companies are great because they help businesses find the capital they need to get started, expand, and build their reputation. Investors have the advantage of their money being invested in a variety of sectors or at the very least several different restaurants. This helps minimize the risk and attract more investors. Banks are not as willing to take the risk of investing in a restaurant. Part of the reason for this is that they are usually approached to be the sole investor. This means lending a large sum to a business that is in a sector with a high risk of failure.

Be a stand out establishment

It can be hard for restaurants to stand out from the competition. To be successful you need to excel at what you do and if possible fill a niche. For example if you open a Chinese restaurant in a town that already has several you might be less likely to succeed than if you had a restaurant with cuisine that is currently not available. This is why you see so many restaurants that claim to be “fusion.” This means that several types of cuisine are being melded to make a unique cooking style.

Opera Max Data-Saving App for Android Launched in India

Opera Software’s Opera Max data-saving application for Android devices, after beinglaunched in Europe and the US in February last year, was made available on Tuesday in India and Bangladesh. The app was announced in December last year, and was in private beta until its launch in February.

The Opera Max app helps users compress all non-encrypted mobile data being downloaded onto their smartphones, whichever the app downloading it, and is helpful for those who have limited data plans, or low bandwidth. The app is supposed to shrink videos and images in most of the apps that use data connections or Wi-Fi. As per the firm, the app can strip a 10MB video to as low as 3MB saving the Internet data used by the device and without making noticeable changes in the video quality. The compressed size would also result in reduction in buffering of videos.

Besides minimising data usage, Opera Max also gives users real-time daily and monthly data-usage statistics. Additionally, tracking Internet use app-by-app and blocking them is also possible with Opera Max.

The app once installed starts condensing and rerouting the data using Virtual Private Network or VPN to Opera’s servers. All non-encrypted data requests from websites and apps using HTTP connections are sent to Opera’s compression servers, which then would shrink the size of images and videos. The private data using HTTPS connection go straight to the end users without being interfered in between by Opera browsers.

The Opera Max app weighs 5.5MB, requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later OS versions to run, and is available via Google Play.

Nokia Faces Lengthy Arbitration Over LG Patent Royalty Payments

Nokia said on Tuesday that South Korea’s LG Electronics has agreed a deal to use the Finnish company’s smartphone patent license but royalty payments will be settled in a lengthy arbitration process.Nokia sold its once-dominant phone business to Microsoft last year, leaving it focused on its telecoms network equipment business while retaining its handset patents.

Analysts said the future royalty payments from LG will probably be clearly smaller than those from Samsung Electronics, which signed a similar deal with Nokia in 2013 but the arbitration process is still ongoing.

Nokia said the arbitration with LG is expected to conclude within two years. Shares in Nokia rose 1.4 percent by 1204 GMT.

“This is becoming a more and more common model. The companies won’t go to the court but instead let an independent party decide,” said Nordea analyst Sami Sarkamies.

He estimated that the Samsung deal, expected to conclude later this year, could eventually mean Nokia receives 100-200 million euros of additional royalty payments annually, on top of retroactive payments.

Nokia’s patent unit generated sales of 578 million euros (roughly Rs. 4,172 crores) last year.

Samsung, the world’s biggest smartphone vendor, had a market share of 24.6 percent in the first quarter, compared to LG’s 4.6 percent, according to IDC.

Razer Buys Struggling Android Gaming Console Maker Ouya


Struggling Android gaming console maker Ouya has been bought by Razer, the popular gaming peripherals company that has recently been diversifying its gaming portfolio by dipping its toes into the fields of virtual reality, TV consoles, laptops, and even reaching further out into fitness tracking wearables.

Ouya was reported to have been looking for a buyout as far back as April, and recent reports pointed to Razer being the chief contender for such an acquisition. The news of the deal came via Mesa Global, an investment bank that was financial advisor to Ouya for the sale, with a post on its site that was removed soon after.

Further details about the Razer-Ouya deal remain uncertain for now, including the amount Razer paid, just what it is getting for its purchase, and what plans the gaming peripherals manufacturer has for the Android game console maker. It could potentially use the talent at hand to help better its own game console – Forge TV – which was showcased at CES 2015.

razer_forge_tv_bundle.jpgInterestingly, both Ouya and Razer’s Android game console have the roughly the same price point of $100 (roughly Rs. 6,300), though the Forge TV Bundle (including a controller) costs $149 (roughly Rs. 10,000). The Forge TV should soon have an advantage compared to its competitors in the market however, of allowing users to stream PC games to their TV via the console using the upcoming Razer Cortex streaming technology.

Ouya in August last year had partnered with Xiaomi to offer the games it developed in-house on the Mi Box set-top box and embedded in the Mi TV. The company had alsoopened the platform out to developers, with a 5 percent revenue sharing model. The company had also received $10 million in funding from Alibaba in January this year.

ouya_game_console.jpgOuya was founded in 2012, and using Kickstarter crowdfunding (where it raised over $8.5 million) shipped its first units to backers in March 2013, with the console hitting retail channels in June 2013.