Take theTraining Development Chef Course to Become a Master Chef

One of the emerging fields in the today’s world that provide excellent career chances for the students and other people is the food and catering field. Many people are eager to learn the courses related to this field and get limitless career opportunities in this field. The people all over the world can learn this training course from different training institutes as per their demands.

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What the course is about?

The Development chef training course is very important and easy to learn. The students that are expecting to learn something new can learn this course. This course is offered by most catering training institutes and the hotel management institutes in the world. The persons those who want to be a master chef can take this course.

This course will help the candidates to become a master chef in integration and testing of the food products and to create and find new food dishes and techniques. This course is taught by the best and professionalchefs to the candidates. The candidates will gain more knowledge about the food products and about this field from those professionals.

Who can do this course?

Anyone can do this course who wants to start their career in the catering and food field. This course is specially designed for the following professionals,

  • Personal chef
  • Sous chef
  • Kitchen manager
  • Executive chef
  • Pastry chef

The benefits of learning this course

There are limitless benefits are associated with this course. Some of them are as follows,

  • The candidate will gain the knowledge about the basic catering and food making techniques
  • The candidates can be able to make new and best dishes
  • The candidates can be able to work in the top hotels, catering institutes
  • This course will provide the candidates thebest career options in the catering field
  • This course serves as the minimum qualification for the candidates to become a chef
  • The persons those who are already a chef can also take this course to go further in their career
  • This course is very easy to learn and will provide hands-on training to the users

The objectives of this course

There are many objectives associated with this course for the participants. The following are the objectives that the participants will learn during their certification course,

  • Food and beverage preparation
  • Food sanitation
  • Cooking and baking
  • The preparation of dishes
  • Food safety
  • Nutrition and food process
  • Catering management

High school diploma or its equivalent form of education qualification is required for the candidates that want to take part in the course.

Course Fee and Certification

The course fee will be reasonable and fall inside your budget. The candidates those who had taken this course will receive a certification at the end of this course. This certification states that the person will possess the qualities required to become a master chef and this certification will help the candidates to find the best career opportunities in the catering and food products field.

Essential Tips for Hiring Barbecue Catering Services

Hiring BBQ services to cater to an event may seem to be a daunting task, especially if you have to cater to a large party, and would like for the event to go smoothly and flawlessly.

The first step you can take to find the right BBQ catering service is to ask family and friends – those who are bound to give you honest reviews about the catering service, its menu, and its prices. Online reviews and recommendations, too, tend to be quite honest. Ratings on certain apps help you gather what the general public opinion is about the catering service.

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Once you do find a few catering services, compare their menus and prices – to see what makes the catering service unique from other services. It could be the food they offer, the packages they offer to the public or even their style of delivery –this will make sure that the catering service stands out, and will be a unique experience for you as well.

Another aspect to look into is how long the BBQ catering service has been running – because experience does give you an idea of what to look out for, and does add to the reputation of the BBQ catering service.

Make sure that the catering service is able to provide enough food to your guests at the event – if the party is too large, a smaller catering service may not be able to handle the crowd; but a larger catering service will. Make sure that the catering service will be able to accommodate the amount of people who plan on showing up for your event.

Make sure the menu offered by the catering service does cater to your audience –so if you’ve invited vegetarians, make sure that the catering service does offer vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food – and other dietary restrictions must also be considered. Their menu should have enough of a variety to be able to satisfy all of your guests present.

Last of all, make sure that the prices they quote are reasonably within your budget; and make sure you know how the catering service expects to be paid – in instalments or the entire amount to be paid in full after the event. Keep an eye out for overtime charges or extra expenses that they may add to your bill.

Fire It Up BBQ Catering is such a catering service, offering a wide variety of foods to satisfy even the pickiest eater’s tastes. Fire It Up BBQ catering makes sure that the services provided are provided with dedication, and for the right amount of money. By providing delicious food for small and large crowds alike, Fire It Up BBQ Catering has become a personal favourite among a large number of people, for the quality service it provides to the general public.

Choosing suitable starters for your dinner party

This article provides information on various starters available to choose from for your dinner party and how to go about deciding the right ones to choose.

Dinner parties are popular all over the world and can be the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with loved ones or as a business event to entertain clients. Whether at home, at a hired venue or a restaurant, such parties can be specially catered for by a chef or catering company if you do not wish to handle this yourself.

Hiring a catering company for a dinner party can have many benefits as it allows you to focus on enjoying the event or organising other aspects of it. It enables you to provide top quality food for your guests and impress them with delicious dishes. You may need to cater for specific dietary requirements or allergies, and a chef will be able to deal with this on your behalf, removing the stress of any potential complications. You may also want to offer vegetarian options for those who do not eat meat.

Hiring a private chef to cook on-site may be an added bonus to make your event even more special and provide a bit of entertainment at the same time. Your guests will be able to view the dishes being cooked. Waitresses and waiters may also need to be appointed.

When planning a dinner party, think about how many courses you will have. Typically, you may just want to go for a starter, main and dessert, perhaps followed by a cheese board and some wine. On the other hand, you could opt for a larger number of smaller dishes, depending on what your budget and preferences are. Canapes are another great option for mingling type events or after parties. These go particularly well with cocktails and can provide a great light bite for guests to eat while networking. A more formal sit down meal may be desired for many events though. A buffet is another option to consider and can offer guests a range of foods to choose from, so there is something to suit every taste bud!

Starters may be either hot or cold and there are many different ones to choose from, so finding something suitable should be easy. Salads, fish, chicken liver pate, stuffed peppers and cheese fondues are just a few examples of starters you could offer to your guests. A catering company can also assist in helping you choose hot or cold starters for dinner party events. This is ideal as they have the knowledge to know what would work well for your specific event and how to cater for any allergies or dietary requirements. Having such a company on board can provide great peace of mind and improve the organisation and quality of your event. There are various other aspects to the party that you may need to arrange, such as music, staff, guest invites, entertainment and any additional drinks, such as alcohol and champagne.

Best lamb dishes from Africa

The African continent is known in culinary circles for having some of the best meat dishes in the world. The prevalence of meat in the continent makes it a meat lover’s delight. With so many different dishes coming out of the continent, you too can try your hand at cooking some of them. You could also educate yourself on the different dishes that are available in the region, especially with lamb.

Lamb plays a very important role in Africa and is a staple meat dish in many parts. Take a look at some of the best lamb dishes and try cooking them at home also. With Licious, the online meat shop, one will be able to get fresh meat delivered right to their doorstep.


Since Indians love a lot of spice, this is one dish that will go down well if you are organizing and cooking for a party. Shakshouka refers to egg that is poached in a spicy sauce that is made from tomatoes, peppers and cumin. Adding lamb to the recipe makes it even tastier and adds more flavour from the meat and its stock. The dish is famous in North Africa and has many variants that you could experiment with before deciding to settle on one recipe. One thing that is sure though is the compliments that you will receive for trying out something radically different.


Another popular dish from all over Africa, especially in the North is Mechoui, which is a whole lamb or goat grilled with spices and condiments. The dish is mainly made during special occasions and consists of cooking the entire meat on a grill or skewer while constantly adding spice and oils. The dish is popular with those who love barbeque in the region and can be cooked easily at home if one has the right equipment.

With Licious, one can have a simple meat home delivery right to their doorstep and begin the process of cooking the dish. You can also source some of the finest meat in the city and have it cut exactly the way you want it.


For those who love kebabs and are looking for something different, Sosatie is just the right dish for them. The dish consists of lamb meat on skewers, just like kebabs that are marinated in a paste of onions, garlic and tamarind juice overnight. Then they are cooked on a traditional barbeque and served hot along with mushrooms, sliced peppers as well as other vegetables and sides. The dish is the perfect appetizer if one is looking to cook food for a special occasion and is extremely tasty as well as simple to make.

Licious is one of those online meat stores that will make it easier for you to cook meat by delivering it right to your doorstep at home. So go on ahead and order fresh meat online with Licious.

Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine Review

The good: There is a new face of Italian espresso coffee as one of the best featured coffee machines is now available in the market. Gaggia Brera espresso machine offers range of features such as stainless steel panel, better design, and more space compared to other machines in the market. Another amazing feature of this machine is that it is super automatic in terms of technology along with more space, elegant brushed stainless steel and compact design.  With the help of advanced technology, super-automatic espresso machine from Gaggia Brera allows you to choose the best espresso coffee which is competitive in the market compared to other industry heavyweight machines.

The Bad: Since the metal part of the steam wand becomes little coated when it is baked on milk but due to this coating, it becomes a little difficult to clean the machine and requires maintenance. Size of machine and water container seems to be one of the main negatives of this machine but the machine is best suited for those homes where counter space is less. Some people have complained about functioning of the machine and user manual not being descriptive enough but the overall functioning of this product is quite easy.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking to buy a machine at much affordable prices and having a compact design then Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso machine is especially designed for you. The machine just weighs at around 19 pounds of size and quite compact in size compared to other automatic machines in the market. The best thing about this coffee machine is that it has a great design and also functioning of this machine is also quite easy. There is not much operational steps involved in the functioning of this coffee. All you need to do is read the user manual of this machine. it is a low end super automatic machine with added features, durable built, better design and also repairable as well. The product comes under warranty which is available on the official website.

Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine Review

In the various reviews available online on ecommerce websites, Gaggia Brera super-automatic espresso machine is rated quite high in terms of usage and operations. While in some of the reviews, the machine may require a lot of cleaning since the coating of milk becomes hard to clean. One can make settings on the machine to make the coffee according to linking. It requires setting the dial according to liking to the finest grinding required. One of the biggest variables that can be adjusted is size of coffee bean. Size of water container is small and ideal for smaller counter spaces.

Features of Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine

The product has some of the best features mentioned below.

  1. Mavea Water Filter– The machine has one of the best filters to remove any type of impurities in the machine. It can help in reducing scale up built. In this filter, there are four stages involved for impurity removal.
  2. Low power consumption- Another critical feature of this machine is that it doesn’t require high electricity consumption and one can easily save a lot of electricity with this machine compared to other machines in market.
  3. Programmable– There is certain user-friendly features enabled in this machine like it can be programmed to inform users when machine require care or cleaning.
  4. Aroma Extraction and flavor– With the help of pre-infusion feature of this machine, one can get maximum flavor, rich aroma and soothing coffee at home.
  5. Affordable prices– Cost is always an important consideration while buying any machine. Gaggia Brera Super-automatic machine is low cost and quite affordable machine especially for those who are looking to buy quality machine and compact size at affordable prices.

Final Verdict

Gaggia Brera has one of the elegant designs with brushed stainless steel panel in the front. The machine boosts some of the best features in the market for an espresso machine. The taste of the coffee is amazing and also has a variable option to modify the coffee beans brewing. For some people, size of this machine may fool you but this machine is boosted with advanced technology with which it is competitive in terms of features, design, built and prices.

Order delicious Food by amazing food ordering app

Mobile industry is growing at an uncommon rate. Over the span of late years, billions of applications have been produced for distinctive Mobile phones and versatile gadgets like palmtops, tablet and so on and operating system and programming languages are utilized as a part of building up these applications like java, android. Numerous applications are produced and are utilized for distinctive purposes like hiring taxi, booking tickets and food ordering app.

These Online Lunch app are amazing that can provide you many facilities and saves much of time in travelling to restaurant. All the delicious food you can get through online order any place any time you need. Location of different good restaurants can be available to you by using this amazing application. These user friendly apps can easily be operated by different people as they are very simple to use. They will notify you whenever there are new offers and schemes in restaurants. There are different discounts offers offered by different restaurants. This app will notify you about these discounted offers and about other offers available at their restaurants.


I utilize Tiny Owl app on average 2-3 times a week. All through my cell phone,makes it such a great amount of simpler to request takeout or conveyance. I’m done requesting in seconds!! Additionally the customer service offered by tiny owl is excellent! I suggest this application for everybody!!

So this is the working of this app. You go on the application and you can see every one of the eateries in your general vicinity. You select what type of food you need. You can decide to pay through credit card through this app which I suggest or pay the driver money. Tiny owl app electronically transmits your request to the eatery. At that point you simply take it easy and relax. After ordering the food through tiny owl app the food will be delivered at your place. Note that the delivery boy is employed by the restaurant and not by the tiny owl. In the event that there is an issue with your request just hit the button for help and tiny owl client service will deal with you.

This food order app is very good as it provider very satisfactory customer care service. If anyone wants to order food by online service, than I always recommend this app because it is amazing. I like the entire thought behind this amazing tiny owl app. Having the capacity to order delicious foods straight from your Mobile phone is impeccable, particularly for Sunday morning Relaxation/laziness.

I would’ve given these application 5 stars, however I’ve had my request scratched off twice by two distinct eateries that were shutting and couldn’t make the delivery. There ought to be something that lets you know that your request needs to set by a certain time.For instance, “Last delivery request must be set by 10:00PM” for an eatery that is shutting at midnight. On the upside, when your request is wiped out, tiny owl gives you “Free Tiny owl,” which is tiny owl cash towards your next request, + a full discount for your request. On the drawback, despite everything you’re starving and must ask there is a Wendy’s in close nearness.

Hence this is amazing food order app with numerous functionalities. With the help of this app you can order different type of amazing food without going anywhere. You need to just open aninternet connection on your portable device and place an order with this amazing food ordering app i.e. tiny owl. Numbers of peoples are using this app for their convenience and it proves very helpful to them.


Health chiefs attacked after Welsh NHS overspend by up to £104,000 on BANANAS


Health chiefs have been attacked for wasting taxpayers’ money after an investigation found that the Welsh NHS overspent on fruit and vegetables by as much as £350,000 – including £104,000 on bananas.

A snapshot of four random months in 2013 and 2014 found that the health service in Wales could have overspent by as much as £358,869.68 for bananas, apples, cucumbers, potatoes and salad as part of a four-year contract with suppliers.

It includes a potential £104,726.48 overspend on bananas, a £75,460.32 overspend on a box of 40 potatoes and £17,507.69 on cucumbers.

In one case Aneurin Bevan Health Board, which covers two major hospitals in Newport and Abergavenny, overpaid by as much as £43,000 on fruit and vegetables in one year including £13,000 on bananas.

The Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.
Aneurin Bevan Health Board covers hospitals including the Royal Gwent hospital in Newport

Call for probe into spending irregularities

The 2010-14 contract for most Welsh health boards stipulated that prices for fresh fruit and vegetables should be two per cent above average monthly market prices.

But in April 2014, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg, Cardiff and Vale and Cwm Taf University Health Boards paid 94 per cent above published market prices for cucumbers.

A typical 18kg box of bananas was priced at £11.88 in December 2013 according to the Fresh Produce Journal, but four health boards paid £19.80 per box while another paid £21.25.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board used 141 boxes of bananas that month, equating to an overpayment of £1,083.22.

The Welsh Conservatives, who submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Welsh NHS, have now urged the Wales Audit Office to probe irregularities in spending by the seven health boards.

Figures raise ‘serious questions’

Darren Miller AM

Shadow Health Minister Darren Millar AM said: “These figures show how the Welsh NHS is paying hundreds of thousands of pounds above market rates for everyday fruit and vegetables, meaning less money to spend on patients and hardworking staff.

“These figures raise serious questions about the measures in place to monitor what hospitals pay for food and whether agree contractual prices are adhered to for the full four-year term.

“The Welsh NHS continues to suffer from Labour’s legacy of record-breaking budget cuts and can ill-afford to pay way over the odds for food procurement.

“This study raises serious questions about value for money in the Welsh NHS and public sector procurement and I look forward to the Wales Audit Office undertaking a thorough investigation.”

In response, a spokesman for the NHS Wales Shared Services said: “NHS Wales procurement practice considers wider aspects than simply the lowest price including food safety, ethical and responsible sourcing and a high level of customer service to ensure that the contract fulfils our requirement to provide circa 7,800,000 patient meals per year.”

The overall figures did not include Powys Teaching Health Board, which has no major hospitals, and Hywel Dda Health Board which breaks its figures down by counties.

New McDonald’s menu makes it harder to see health information


Calorie count is displayed for about seven seconds on McDonald's new menus.

Fast food giant McDonald’s has introduced new menu boards that make it harder to see and compare the calories in its products, disappointing health advocates and potentially breaching food labelling laws.

Old menu boards showed the kilojoules in each product next to its price, but the new boards, which have so far been rolled out in 700 stores across Australia, do not.

Our customers provided us with clear feedback that our old static menu boards were cluttered and difficult to read

McDonald’s spokesman Chris Grant
To see how many kilojoules are in a particular hamburger, customers must wait for up to a minute for the animated menu to scroll through each product, bringing up an image of that item and only then displaying its health information.

A NSW Food Authority example of how fast food chains must display information.
A NSW Food Authority example of how fast food chains must display information.
The health information for each item is displayed for about seven seconds.


The new menus could fall foul of NSW fast food labelling laws introduced in 2011 that make it compulsory for large fast food chains to display nutritional information in an effort to help customers to make healthier choices.

The laws state outlets must show the kilojoule content of each item next to the price and in the same size writing.

The new electronic McDonald’s menu.
The new electronic McDonald’s menu.
Similar laws are in place in South Australia and were floated in Victoria in 2010 by the Brumby government, which was voted out of offices before the legislation could pass.

Jane Martin, executive manager of the Obesity Policy Coalition, said it was disappointing McDonald’s had made it more difficult for people to choose their meals based on how many kilojoules were in it.

“Comparing [kilojoules in items] is the key, because we do know that when people do compare, they will make different choices,” Ms Martin said.

“The evaluation in NSW shows that people ordered fewer kilojoules when they were provided with this information together with a campaign telling them what it meant.

“Wherever the price is shown, the price should be next to it to give people another metric other than price on which to base their decisions.”

McDonald’s spokesman Chris Grant defended the new menu boards, saying they made it easier for customers to see the kilojoule labels.

“Our customers provided us with clear feedback that our old static menu boards were cluttered and difficult to read,” Mr Grant said.

“Our new digital menu boards directly address our customers’ concerns and we believe the kilojoules are more clearly displayed.”

Mr Grant said McDonald’s fully supported kilojoule labelling, and voluntarily provided that information in states where it was not compulsory.

He said said nutritional information was also online available at in-store at kiosks and on drive-through menus.

Freezing Food: Tips From the Pros

Invest in a vacuum sealer. Removing air from freezer bags prevents freezer burn and keeps food tasting fresher for longer. It also saves space.

Use the process known as I.Q.F., which stands for Individually Quick Frozen. Many foods (tomatoes, berries, peas) will benefit if you initially freeze them separated and spread out on a sheet pan, then bag them once they’re frozen, rather than bagging them before freezing.

The faster you freeze foods after you buy or pick them, the better they’ll taste.

Keep your freezer as cold as possible.

Don’t rush the defrosting process: Let the produce thaw naturally and slowly, without using microwaves or hot water. Some produce will leach water as it defrosts, which in many cases you’ll want to keep for flavor.

Food Waste Bans Can Be Problematic for Landfills


Should food waste continue to find its way to landfills, or should food scraps and other organics be diverted for other purposes?

Environmentalists and solid waste managers are at odds over this question, with landfill operators questioning the unintended consequences of a valiant effort.

Roughly 72 percent of the municipal waste stream is made up of organic waste including food waste, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says is the single largest source of methane.

EPA promotes food waste diversion from landfills, and says food can be diverted through preventing food waste, donating food to those in need, feeding food scraps to animals, turning food waste into biofuel, composting, and through anaerobic digestion.

Benefits food waste diversion includes reduced methane production in landfills, the creation of valuable and other soil amendments, lower disposal costs, and tax benefits, according to EPA.

The U.S. Composting Council also promotes diversion, and says national diversion rates have increased 2 percent in 1990 to 20 percent in 2005. USCC promotes ongoing diversion efforts, including bans on landfilling food wastes.

Devin Moose, PE, DEE, director of solid waste services for Environmental Solutions, says banning food waste or other organic material from landfills is not a decision that can be made in haste.

“No materials should be banned from a landfill without first considering all potential consequences,” Moose says. “First, why are we banning it? Does it pose a threat to the environment? In the case of food waste, it poses no threat to the environment if disposed in a properly operated Subtitle D landfill.”

Additionally, Moose questions the intent to preserve landfill space.

“Landfill capacities vary significantly from region to region. Some landfills have a hundred years of capacity while others may show limited capacity but are readily expandable. Moreover, how much space does food waste actually consume during the life of a landfill?” Moose says. “We know the weight of food waste at the curb for the most part but that cannot simply converted to volume consumed at the landfill because over the life of a typical landfill, say 20 years, most of the food waste deposited in the landfill would have degraded. I believe food waste consumes an insignificant volume in a typical landfill over its life.”

More factors to consider are the inadequate regulations and infrastructure in place to handle diverted waste. Without proper protocols in place, diversion could cause more harm than good, Moose says.

“We have seen this when other materials are banned from a landfill without considering all factors,” Moose says, using cathode ray tubes (CRTs) as an example. “In most areas of the country, there are inadequate protections in place to accommodate a food waste landfill ban.”

In order for a ban to be effective, policymakers must also be able to accurately gauge the expense of a ban, Moose says.

“If it will be more expensive, is this something the people they represent are willing to pay for? What are the cost impacts by losing this volume at the landfill?” Moose asks. “This varies from community to community and therefore a national or statewide ban is inappropriate. In my experience, food waste diversions are more expensive,” Moose says.

Moose also voiced concerns over the value and market of the diverted food waste product—compost.

“If your goal is to produce compost is there a market for the compost or is used as daily cover at a landfill or simply applied to farm fields and if so, what value does that really bring?” he asks.

In regard to greenhouse gas emissions, Moose says the effects vary by community and therefore should not be weighed at the state or national level.

Moose says not only does he not believe in national food waste bans, but also statewide bans. He says any bans should be of a smaller scale and weighed very carefully.