1.4 Crore Job Offer Bagged by BITS Goa Dual Degree Students

According to sources Google has offered 1.4 Crore annual package to BITS Goa student Krunal Kishorbhai Patel. He will join Google headquarter as a software engineer from next October.

Krunal Kishorbhai Patel is currently pursuing dual degree from BITS Goa – BE (honours) in computer science and MSc (honours) in Mathematics at BITS. Check the link to know more about dual degree.

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I couldn’t believe it for a few seconds when my recruiter called me to present the offer. It was the best day of my life,” says Krunal Kishorbhai Patel.

“I was not quite bothered about placements till my third year at BITS. I had no clue as to what companies are looking out for. But, I made sure I kept my grades high and focused on learning as many things as I could to update my knowledge about computer science and mathematics,” says Patel, who has so far scored well in both courses at college with a CGPA of 9.4, and cleared GATE 2014 with an AIR of 10 in computer science.

Important information for Electronics and Communication Engineering students, click here to know more about the Scope of EC.

What Actually Hadoop Administration Training is about?

Before going to the Hadoop administration training online, let us discuss about hadoop. Hadoop is nothing but the open source programming network based on Java. This framework supports to store and process the big set of data in a circulated computing atmosphere. It is a division of the Apache project. This course will let you know the java based framework in detail.

Also, this course will teach you how to process and store the data effectively in the distributed atmosphere. Just to let the candidates feel the comfort of learning, this course is available in online institutes. So, the candidates who would like to take part in the course from the comfort of their dashboard can choose online courses on hadoop.

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What the Course is about?

This certification course will furnish you the mandatory knowledge to efficiently manage the hadoop administrator duties such as securing, provisioning, maintaining, installing, supervising and configuring hadoop eco system components. The Hadoop essentials training and certification course will groom you to become a hadoop administrator. This course will let you know how to implement the java based framework on the industry projects. This course covers the principles, ideas and key concepts of hadoop.

The Benefits of Taking Part in the Course

It is vital to know the benefits of learning the hadoop course. Since, it is of no use in learning any course that offers zero benefits to us. The benefits of the course are as follows,

  • With the course certification, you can be an expertise in configuring and managing security for hadoop clusters.
  • You could able to lead and handle the hadoop administration eco system elements.
  • You can install and work on the eco system elements which are sqoop, hive, nagios, pig, ganglia and impala.
  • You can plan yourself regarding the installation and configuration of single-node and multi-node clusters.
  • You can become an expert in rectifying and resolving cluster issues and other issues.
  • You can become a professional in Sqoop and HDFS with the hands-on exercises.
  • You can install and configure YARN architecture.

Who Should Do this Course?

This course is not for everyone. Rather, the course is limited to the following professionals,

  • Web engineers
  • System administrators
  • Cloud systems administrators
  • Data analytics administrators
  • IT systems engineer
  • Data engineer

The hadoop course will be suitable for the above-mentioned professionals since they might have some basic knowledge and ideas to learn the course. Through this course, the professionals can get a complete knowledge on all the steps and processes that are required to handle and maintain the hadoop cluster with no issues.

You can also learn this course in offline institutes as well. After the completion of the course, you will be provided a certification. Some institutes may offer course material, soft copy of the course material, discount for next training course and more. You can find an institute like that to get some exclusive offers on your training course. Explore various institutes and compare the course fee to choose the institute that offers the course at a reasonable cost.

An Online MBA In HR Or Finance? Find Out The Difference

If you’re working but you also want to pursue an MBA, you have reached a crossroad where you can’t decide what to pick. If at all you decide to go with an online MBA, then there’s another question, an MBA in finance or human resources? Here’s a detailed comparison between an MBA in HR and finance.


Every course prefers students who are already familiar with the subject and the same goes for HR and finance. To pursue an MBA in finance you must graduate, preferably, in commerce or business administration. To study HR, you just need to have a basic graduate degree in any field.

Topics Covered

Under finance, you will study about investments, costing, economics, and securities. You will also study about the tricks and trades of the stock market.

HR is all about employees and relationship management, hence, the topics covered here will include, human resource management, people management, and legal issues within companies.

Job Profile

Being a part of the finance team of any organisation will require you to compile financial information, conduct cost management, raise funds, and research the legal and financial aspects of new and existing projects and investments.

An HR professional helps the company with the recruitment and selection process of new candidates, induction, training, retention and succession planning, designing successful management teams, appraisal, and counselling. They must work to ensure that each employee is satisfied with the company while performing optimally.

Career Opportunities

Every business needs a financial executive, as they are the life and blood of an organisation. However, the finance team will consist of less management personnel and more marketing and sales executives.

The HR team controls and mentors all members of an organisation, which is why they are an integral part of the company too. However, unlike the finance team, the HR department of any organisation usually employs less people.


Finance jobs are quite risky, especially when it comes to investment companies, because they’re directly influenced by market conditions and are prone to high risk.

HR careers have no connection to market fluctuations, hence it’s a lot less risky. Also, since there’s always a need for HR professionals, you can be assured of higher job security.

An MBA in finance and an MBA in HR yield good career prospects. At the end of the day, however, you will have to choose a specialisation that appeals to you and your personality more.

The Purpose and Benefits of AIPMT Entrance Examinations

Getting for a formal training has turned into a fundamental piece of our presence much sooner than the foundation of schools and colleges. Taking into account archaeological discoveries, proof of early types of tutoring were seen among ancient rarities, for example, earth tablets with cut images, carvings on hollow dividers and among others.

Today, instructive organizations like AIPMT are in neck to neck rivalry as far as setting magnificent instructive benchmarks went for conceding just the best students and delivering highest nature of graduates. To have the capacity to accomplish such targets, they use to go with aipmt 2014 paper in a deep technical based and organizations have actualized control measures to guarantee that exclusive students who qualify or pass certain classifications are admitted to the school of which placement tests are one of the control measures connected.

Are selection tests just in judging the abilities of an understudy? It is the right of an instructive foundation to set measures that will evaluate the general limit of an understudy by method for a placement test and concede or deny their application for school induction as per existing laws set by the Department of Education. Some schools however don’t have any selection tests the length of an understudy meets the fundamental prerequisite for the following level of training. In any case, dissent of any application must be founded on existing strategies and prerequisites and not in view of whatever other out of line issues.

For what intention are selection tests attempted by trying enrolees? Placement tests are gainful to the school itself as well as the students and hoping for enrolees. Such control measures are set up by the school organization to channel students from among the best and just the best are admitted to the school as there are schools that point towards perfection where the scholarly limit of an understudy bears more weight than the budgetary ability. Doing as such ensures the organization that exclusive requirements are kept up. Besides, delivering highest nature of students or graduates gives the school an irrefutable notoriety and honour without any discussions that will fuel questions and question the notoriety of the school.

Students who passed such exams and in the end admitted to such schools have an unmistakable feeling of satisfaction and pride in them called “gloating rights” that acquire them an edge over different students from different foundations. What’s more being with clever organization is a decent motivational device and stimulant for a man to endeavour and enhance generally advantageous and also the gaining from different perspectives.

In reality picking a legitimate school that offers a decent nature of training and being an alum of it is on or more figure looking for a vocation. Whether we deny it or not, there are enormous organizations that incline toward alumni of presumed schools as to them, the school’s name itself is as of now a surety of an excellent representative.

Worldwide University School of Medicine which is prominently known as IUSOM has as of late teamed up with private healing centres and restorative experts in India and has presented a remarkable 5 years MD course. The course incorporates 1 year pre-therapeutic course in India and a few years in essential clinical in Bonaire and after that another couple of years of clinical preparing in either Sri Lanka, Nepal, Guyana or US. The decision for restorative preparing relies on upon the individual inclination of the students. Reasonable game plans for clinical preparing can be made in both of the above four nations once the procedures are finished. The students’ needs no less than 50 % marks in PCB in their 10 + 2 to be qualified for determination.

A Primer on Preparing Your JEE Exam

JEE. This is one of the toughest engineering entrance examinations. If you aim to pursue your engineering dream in the reputed engineering college in India, then you should be armed head to toe with solutions. Your main weapon in this war is speed with accuracy. Unless you practice hard, there’s slim chance you will be selected. To ensure this, you have to train hard. Push your limits and then and then only will you be able to tackle the exam effectively.

Speed and Accuracy

  • Never use calculator when practicing mock paper in your home. This will degrade your mental capability to calculate and also since such items are prohibited inside the exam hall.
  • Always perform calculations mentally as this will not only increase your speed during the exam but also will reduce your tendency towards depending on calculators.
  • Always prefer shortcuts during complex calculations and skip unimportant steps to reach the final answer.

But as your speed increases, your chances of arriving at the correct answer decreases proportionately. In order to prevent this, try not to make silly errors in calculating. Speed with poor accuracy leads to the wrong answer. You should always tackle and find shortcuts on your own as this will reduce the inclination to follow guide based methods.

Choosing the Right Type of Question

All your best efforts and time spent on preparing for the JEE exam will go in vain if you cannot segregate easy and medium hardness questions from very hard. This will prove to be useful as you can easily crack the examination and get selected for JEE advanced. When practicing in your home the mock JEE papers, always strive to attempt easy and medium tough questions first as they will not only save time but also give a sensation of having prepared well for the exam. The time wasted on the tough question will be a severe blow to your confidence as you will find the medium tough questions hard too.

Coaching Center

Finding the right coaching center will not be difficult as many are cropping up in the city like mushrooms. But the real problem lies whether they can deliver enough commitment and boosting the student’s morale and knowledge. So, be careful while choosing your coaching center.

Also the plus point of being in a center is that you will have the feeling of friendly competition with your class mates, as this will reduce a part of the stress that you will face in the examination hall.  These mock examinations conducted by the center will compare your performance overall. So you will be able to find you weak spot efficiently and fast and also rectify it before the actual examination.

Be Mentally Prepared

This is quiet important for those who are attempting to write the JEE examination (Main and Advanced). Being mentally prepared will increase your self-confidence and (be careful about it because you might become overconfident.) your morale. Even if the question paper appears to be tough, do not lose your cool. Take a deep breath and attempt another question. Have a good night’s sleep the day before the D-DAY so that your mind will be clear and no confusion will occur during the exam.


There’s only one thing that is to be said repeatedly. Practice and practice again. It will make adept on recognizing the easy to attempt questions, have a keen eye on the clock and last but not least make you confident enough to appear for the examination without any worries. Solve question paper from various previous years and you are ready for your examination.


CBSE (Central board of Secondary examination) has become one of the most recognized institution which conducts exams for CBSE Class 10, Class 12, JEE Exam, AIPMT etc. To take admission in a reputed educational institute for higher studies, it is important for you to secure good marks in board examinations.

Score high in CBSE exam with NCERT Books


NCERT(National Council of Educational and Research Training) develops and distributes textbooks for primary and secondary levels. You will find these books very useful in understanding complex topics.

The syllabus given by the CBSE for board classes is completely based on NCERT. If you go through the last 10 years exam question paper of board classes, you will find that most of the questions have been asked from the NCERT. If you want to achieve 90+ percentage in the board exam then make a habit of reading NCERT books on a regular basis. Each and Every line written in NCERT Books is very important for board exam. Try to solve all the exercise questions given at the end of every chapter to get a desired result in your board exam.


In board exams, you often find 1-mark questions that creates problem and makes you confused.  While trying to solve those twisted questions you often commit mistakes. These 1-mark questions are to test your basic concepts and check whether you have read the NCERT books completely or not. These questions can stop you from achieving 90 + marks in your subject. So, read every important line given in NCERT books to answer every complex question comes in exam. Also, give some time to important diagrams from different chapters.

These books help you in understanding your topics well and are ideal for thorough and comprehensive studying to develop a clear concept. Your preparation should be followed by taking down important points so that it becomes easy to revise during exams. This comprehensive learning would not only assure good marks but also give better understanding of every concept.

Preparation with the use of NCERT books will definitely provide  students with an advantage over others and help them to score good marks. Therefore, students who wants to do well in the CBSE exam should start their preparation by using NCERT books right away.

Byju’s follow syllabus pattern as per CBSE guidelines. Not just engaging video lessons but we provide effective testing modules, chapterwise test series and much more. Practice our 1-mark questions, MCQS and long answer questions to prepare effectively for your board exams.

Open and Distance learning needs to be reformed: IGNOU VC

Open and Distance learning needs to be reformed: IGNOU VCNew Delhi: The open and distance learning system in the country needs to be reformed to deal with quality issues and bring it at par with the learning from full-time or regular courses, IGNOU Vice Chancellor Nageshwar Rao has said.

“Conventional education alone cannot meet the needs and aspirations of higher education. Distance education system is emerging as an important means to cater to the increasing demand of the education system but there are issues of quality in the open learning which calls for reforming the ODL system,” Rao said.

The varsity is presently in the process of preparing a draft on “Promoting Open and Distance Learning and Online Courses” for the New Education Policy (NEP) which is being formed by the government appointed experts.

“Government has entrusted IGNOU with huge responsibility of formulating the theme on ‘Promoting Open and Distance Learning and Online Courses’ for the New Education Policy (NEP) which is under formulation,” he said.

“The Madhav Menon Committee formed by the HRD ministry has also suggested several changes in the implementation of ODL within the country,” he added.

The university’s Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education (STRIDE) has last month organised a two-day national consultative meeting in which 55 papers were presented on the best practices adopted by distance learning institutions and ODL philosophy and operations followed there.

Besides Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) there are 14 State Open Universities in the country offering degree, diploma and certificate courses.

“Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) have recently received a great deal of public attention and can form important feature of distance learning. The issue of quality assurance of such courses is a big concern for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). The modalities are being worked out,” Rao said.

Other questions which the experts preparing the draft are pondering upon include-should open course ware and MOOCs supplement/complement learning in colleges and universities? What impediments are likely for implementing online courses and how they can be resolved? What are the constraints to access MOOC courses in rural areas? Should DTH facility be given to studentsfor anytime learning? Should On-line testing account for 20 per cent of grading?

Our education system lacks moral teachings: Himachal Pradesh Governor​

Our education system lacks moral teachings: Himachal Pradesh Governor​Sonipat: Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Devvrat on Sunday said that our education system has literacy but it lacks “moral” teachings and stressed on the need to introduce morality in our education system and make our students “cultured and morally sound”.

“There is literacy in our education system, but it lacks morality. We need to introduce moral teachings in our education process to make children “cultured and morally sound”.

“We will have to get rid of addictions (of drugs and drinks) and ill-practices like female foeticide and make a strong society,” he said at a ceremony organised to welcome him at his in-laws’ village Nahri.

Expressing deep concern over female foeticide, the Governor termed it as a “serious problem” and said it is taking place at a large scale in Himachal’s areas adjacent to Haryana.

He, however, said that the girls to boys ratio is better in Lahaul-Spiti district and other far flung areas as “modern education and modernity have not reached there”.

Devvrat said since becoming Governor of Himachal, he has spread the message for clean environment, promoted organic farming in the state, rearing of cow and and pressed for keeping youths away from addiction to drug and drinks.

Don’t demolish regulatory bodies, HRD Minister​ Smriti Irani urged

Don't demolish regulatory bodies, HRD Minister​ Smriti Irani urgedKolkata: Batting for the establishment of a National Education Commission, NAAC director D.P. Singh on Sunday urged Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani not to “demolish” the existing regulatory bodies in education while setting up the commission.

“I do think a permanent think tank in education is necessary to deal with different dimensions in education,” the National Assessment and Accreditation Council director said.

“But it shouldn’t be done by demolishing the existing regulatory bodies across states,” Singh said at a national seminar on New Education Policy here.

Singh voiced his request in front of Irani, who was present at the valedictory session of the seminar.

The NAAC is a statutory body of the University Grants Commission.

At the seminar, representatives of over 16 universities pitched for a National Education Commission.

Singh also stressed on reducing the time gap before bringing in a national education policy. “There shouldn’t be a gap of five years in consideration a new education policy.”

Committee recommends major changes in IIT entrance examination

Committee recommends major changes in IIT entrance examinationNew Delhi: A Committee constituted by the IIT council has recommended major changes in entrance examination structure for these prestigious institutes including setting up of a National Testing Service, which would hold tests on the basis of which around four lakh students would be shortlisted for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

Many of the recommendations of the Committee of Eminent Persons (CEP) under the Chairmanship of Prof Ashok Misra, which submitted its report to the Government on November 5, are aimed to wean IIT aspirants away from the dependence on coaching institutes.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) has decided to put the recommendations of the committee in public domain for wide consultations and decided that the JEE 2016 will be conducted in the same manner as 2015, with an enhanced intake from 1.5 lakh to two lakh into the JEE (Advanced) stage.

The CEP has also suggested that changes in the structure of JEE shall be effected from 2017 onwards.

As per the recommendations, a National Testing Service shall be set up by early 2016, mandated to conduct an Aptitude Test, which should test the scientific aptitude and innovative thinking ability. The Aptitude test may be offered two or more times in a year and would be an online test, it said.

Significantly, the Committee has recommended that the testing shall test scientific thinking and cannot be “gamed through coaching.”

As per recommendations, based on this performance, about four lakh candidates shall be short-listed for taking the JEE, which will be on the lines of the current JEE (Advanced) and designed to test the knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and will be conducted by the IITs.

” From this, ranks will be issued to 40,000+ students who can seek admission in IITs and NITs based on a common counselling,” the statement said.

It has also been suggested that the IITs should set up a system for developing mock JEE examinations which will help students prepare for the JEE significantly and “wean them away from the coaching industry.”

Another significant recommendation made by the Committee is that Board marks shall not to be counted for giving rankings this year for NITs, CFTIs.