What Wine Should You Be Drinking This Summer?


Sitting outside in summer with a glass of wine is one of life’s great pastimes. It is a break from winter and worries and a chance to sit back and relax. But which wine to choose makes the matter that little bit more difficult which is why we have chosen our best of summer wines from both the Old and the New World wine producers so you needn’t worry about it.

Pinot Noir – Oregon

Oregon is well known for its Pinot Noir, the cooler climate, helped by the Pacific Mist helps to create a Pinot Noir that is so much different from its French counterpart. Oregon Pinot Noir is light enough to eat with fish for instance and has enough gentle fruit flavour to enjoy on its own. Oregon Pinot Noir is a little drier than other Pinot Noir but this adds to a crisp and delicate finish that is great in summer.

Marlborough –Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough is also a great choice for its ore deeper, fruitier Pinot Noir but if you are looking for a summer wine then Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is the ideal choice. Whenyou think of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc think deep tropical flavours like melon and pineapple which can be drunk with a wide range of summer salads and lighter meals or enjoyed chilled and on its own.

Vinho Verde – Portugal

Portuguese wines are often unheralded when compared to its Mediterranean neighbours Spain and Italy. However with Vinho Verde they have a fantastic wine for summer that is lighter and zestier than a white Rioja and has more body than a Pinot Grigio. For a great tasting, easy drinking summer wine Vinho Verde is your answer.

Shiraz- Australia

While summer is the ideal time to enjoy lighter wines it is also a time where we enjoy a lot of smoky flavours such as at a barbeque. An Australian Shiraz with its spicy tones is a little on the heavy side to enjoy too much of in summer but its ability to pair well with food like steak or ribs make it a good choice for a red wine for many a summer meal.


Summer and bubbly go extremely well together. The combination of chilled and delicate fizz and warm weather is well worth the wait through winter and spring. There are many varieties of fizz available but both Spain and Italy with Cava and Prosecco respectively offer great tasting fizz at good prices that are perfect for summer. For summer cocktails like a Kir Royale a Spanish Cava goes well or choose a Proseccofor a crisp and fragrant start to an evening or a treat to sit out in the garden with when you get home from work.

Of course we can’t discuss summer wines without mentioning Rosé. With so many different types it is difficult to pick one, with most of the wine producing countries also producing quality rosé wines with distinctive tastes and character. Possibly the best thing to do is pick up a couple of bottles, put them on ice and decide which is your favourite to enjoy over the summer

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