What are the benefits of eating different meats

Healthy eating is high on every agenda at the moment, which means that savvy catering and hospitality businesses are also thinking about it continually. Diners still appreciate quality food and inventive recipes, but they do want to know that what they are eating is good for them. That needn’t mean creating a completely vegetarian menu, though having some vegetarian choice broadens your appeal. In fact, there can be lots of great health benefits to eating meat.



Chicken is a low fart source of high density protein, and it also contains significant amounts of vitamins including E, B6 and B12, and also minerals such as zinc, selenium and niacin.

Although more expensive, if you can, sourcing free range chicken has even more healthy benefits, including having up o 20% less fat, 100% more omega-3 fatty acid, and 28% fewer calories, than meat from birds who are not allowed to roam. There is also much less chance of the meat having come into contact with synthetic pesticides or antibiotics.

The National Chicken Council has more detail on the health benefits of serving chicken to your diners.


Usually the first thing people think of when ‘red meat’ is mentioned, beef is a dense meat that is packed full of nutrients that are vital to developing and maintaining important functions of the human body. Iron is one of the most common of any nutritional deficiencies across the world, and beef is a great source of iron.

These days, with domestic budgets still recovering post-recession, beef is a treat and people might not prepare it at home so much, so having a choice of beef dishes on your menu will be popular.

Industry site, Beef, lists some further statistics that make interesting reading.


Pork is another popular option. It is low in salt, which is top of any health-conscious diner’s list of considerations. It is high in protein, and in thiamine, known to help healthy brain function, and like beef, is a good source of iron.

Variety in the choice of meat is important, but professional caterers, especially those who cater for large events, must also consider the theatre of how to cook and serve. Where pork is on the menu, a hog roast is a great option and specialist online retailers like thehoggboss.com are a great place to buy hog roast machines.

People are often misinformed by fat, believing it to be all the same, and very bad for you. Deeper research now believes that polyunsaturated fats are required by the body to maintain normal function, and might even produce more benefits to pregnant women. Chicken, beef and pork have ‘healthy’ fats.

As with most things variety is key, and being clear and upfront about what is on the menu and increasingly where it has come from will reassure your clientele that they will be served something that they want to eat, that is also healthy and tasty

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